NOTD: Sakura Nails


I’m kicking off this Japan/Sakura series with some Spring on my nails. When I thought of cherry blossoms, there’s only one colour that comes to mind; Essie’s Romper Room, a soft baby pink with blue undertones that was released in a limited edition Spring collection. It’s seriously one of the prettiest pink polishes I have in my collection, and perhaps also one of my prettiest polishes altogether.


It didn’t take long before I found my perfect match to create the Sakura nails. Instead of being bothered to draw Sakura flowers, I simply added this L’Oréal Flower Bohème top coat in Boho Look on top. It’s a transparent top coat that has little sprinkles as well as prism shapes, and the most important part for the Sakura nails; little flowers that actually look a little like Sakura blossoms.


The downside to top coats like these is that it’s really difficult to get the design that you want. Sometimes you get nothing but transparent top coat and perhaps a little sprinkle here and there, so you have to be careful not to put on too much. It takes some practice to get what you want but in the end I think the result looks great. The little sprinkles are quite subtle on the pink background, so the flowers really stand out which is exactly what I wanted for this look.

Essie Romper Room (L.E.) € 11
L’Oréal Flower Bohème Top Coat in Boho Look € 6

Available at the drugstore

What do you think of the top coat and look?

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