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For today’s NOTD I had another go at a set of false nails. This time, the Elegant Touch Black Nail Candy Kit contained my instruments in order to create an edgy rock chick look. While the nail art itself looks quite daring, the most interesting about this kit is definitely the new method on how to apply the fake nails…by using glue tabs! Does it really make nail art easier? Let’s have a look…

The Nail Candy kit contains 24 nails in different sizes to match your nails, 2 sheets of pre-cut envy wraps (stickers), a nail file, a manicure stick and 24 glue tabs.

How it works:

1. clean natural nails with polish remover
2. size false nail so that it covers your natural nail but is not touching any skin
3. design false nail with pre-cut envy wrap / envy wrap bling
4. size glue tabs to be slightly smaller than natural nail
5. apply glue tabs to natural nail and remove the protective sheet on top
6. apply decorated false nails onto glue tab and squeeze on tightly to activate pressure bond


My experience:
Unlike the other false nail kits I’ve tried from Elegant Touch, this one does not have any other options regarding the length of the false nails. Because my nails naturally have a long shape on their own, I had to cut them really short in order to hide them under the false nails. Even then, some were just too short (pinky) or otherwise too broad for my nails. No biggie, I made it work anyway. Only a closer look will give away they’re fake.

Probably the most difficult part for me was decorating the nails with stickers. One, because the fact that they’re pre-cut limits the possibilities and there aren’t enough of them to create the same look on each nail, and two, they don’t match the nails exactly which meant I had to do some cutting myself and the tiny pieces got all over the place.. except on the nails. After a couple of days, these stickers are the first to fall in action, especially the little rhinestones. You can always apply a top coat to keep them longer though. I also think the designs are a bit too kitschy for my taste.

Then onto the glue tabs: it was only afterwards I discovered I had applied them the ‘wrong‘ way. I attached the glue tabs to the false nails and then onto my nails. Did this have any effect on the longevity I wonder? I managed to keep my nails for 6 days until I decided to remove them. Only my pinky and ring finger showed signs they could fall off any moment (especially after taking my second bath with them). (These nails make up a pretty good excuse to sign over your duty to do the dishes.)

In the end, they did their jobs pretty well, I just don’t like the feeling that I have to be careful ALL THE TIME. In that aspect, I’ll still prefer nail polish nail art. My guess is the longevity will depend on how you treat them. In case you’d like to try them out my advice would be: be careful, keep them short, keep them out of the water as much as possible and use a top coat for the stickers.

The Elegant Touch Nail Candy Kit comes in 3 different shades and  is available for € 10,99 at Di.


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  1. November 11, 2012 / 10:51 pm

    These are pretty cool!

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