New beauty brand: Nubo

Meet Nubo, a new anti-ageing cosmetics brand for both men and women which already has huge success in Harrods, London. The brand has Russian roots, but is now made in the UK. Nubo is said to repair skin damage as well as reboothing the natural proces of each cell and reverse the clock. It doesn’t contain any parabens, SLS, petroleum derivatives or synthetic colors and fragrances. It’s made for luxury beauty lovers who are 35+ years old. Let me introduce you to some of their star products.

Cell Dynamic – The Essence

The Essence is a serum used to give a boost to the recovery of the cell and activate the absorption of moisturizing care. It makes the skin more firm and fuller. Only  a couple of drops (twice a day) are needed to create this boost. It needs to be applied on top of the day cream in the morning (to keep the sunscreen effect of the day cream intact) and beneath the night cream in the evening. (Flacon 30ml – 220€)

Diamond Peel & Reveal

The Diamond Peel and Reveal is made from diamond dust. It’s a peeling that diminishes fine lines, eliminates dead skin cells and impurities and brightens and promotes natural luminosity. It works in 2 steps: the exfoliator polishes the skin to perfection and removes the dead skin cells, while the activator absorbs the smallest impurities and stimulates skin cell turnover, leaving you with a radiant skin that’s glowing with youth. (2 tubes 80ml – 65€)

Vitamin C 12% Concentrate

The Vitamin C 12% Concentrate is said to be the favorite of the British beautybloggers and -journalists. It has the highest concentration of vitamin C of all the products on the cosmetics market. It promotes an even skin tone by reducing the appearance of pigmentation and it helps prevent age spots. For 28 days you need to mingle 2 drops of the product with your night cream in the evening. (Flacon 15ml – 70€)


The Voile is a magic wand every woman should have in her handbag. It’s both skincare and make-up, acting as an invisible veil which hides fine lines, blurs imperfections and helps to correct skin tone. This smoothly-textured voile comes in 3 shades and can be used as a skin-perfecting primer (applied before your regular foundation or tinted moisturiser) or it can be worn alone as a light-coverage base. (Each flacon 30ml -25€)

I love the luxurious & girly packaging of Nubo (of course the men’s line is NOT pink), which would look really nice in my bathroom. I received the Diamond Peel and Reveal to try out, so you can expect a review on that soon. If that works out, I might try the Voile as well.

Nubo is exclusively available at Parfuma in Antwerp and Wijnegem for the Benelux. You can also order on their website.


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  1. July 23, 2011 / 2:12 pm

    anti anti-ageing, i am in!!! I don’t believe in anti-ageing product! so i don’t buy expensive moisturizers. but i do believe in peeling! so maybe this is a new one to try! as you said, i love the way the products look, very clean and pure! i am a magpie so you can bedazzle me with how you are presenting your brand!

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