L’Oréal The Brushes


Who remembers the days before Real Techniques? The struggle of finding good quality makeup brushes is probably nothing more than a distant memory now but it used to be very different. Back then people would actually use those brushes and sponge tip applicators that came with the palettes because the cheap alternatives were hardly worth the money. It was that or save your money for a single MAC brush at a time.

I used to get my brushes at Hema, and even though I still think these were okay brushes to start with, none of them could prepare me for what I was about to discover. Real Techniques changed everything for me. The brushes were really affordable and high-quality and the plethora of options also definitely made me think more about makeup and application techniques.

Not only did the brand challenge me and my skills, but it also made other beauty brands step up their game and come up with tools that would make the average beauty addict into a real makeup pro. Still there aren’t that many decent affordable options around at the drugstore, which is why I’m particularly excited about this new launch from L’Oréal.


L’Oréal The Brushes

It took them a while, but with good result: a collection of 7 individual good-quality makeup brushes that you can pick up on your next trip to the drugstore. The brushes are packed with soft synthetic hairs and have a classy black handle. In terms of looks I think L’Oréal did a better job. The straight handle makes them easier to store in my jar compared to the curved ends from Real Techniques. The curved ends also have some matte rubber texture that gets dirty and damaged more easily. L’Oréal The Brushes are also shorter, making them easier to work with and also to pack for travel. They are however slightly on the pricier side than Real Techniques and there are currently less options to choose from.

I haven’t been using these that long but so far I’m really enjoying using the Blush Brush and the Eyeshadow Brush. They pick up just the right amount of product and make it really easy to blend. I wouldn’t necessarily buy the brushes if I already have one of the same type, but if there’s one you’re lacking in your collection, the L’Oréal range is one worthy of looking into. I do hope L’Oréal is planning to add some more options to the mix in the future. Hint: a fan brush or a lip brush maybe?

L’Oréal Foundation Brush € 17
Blush Brush € 20
Powder Blush € 20
Eyeshadow Brush € 10
Eyeliner Brush € 10
Also available: Sculpting Brush € 25, Eye Smudge Brush € 10
Available at the drugstore.

Disclaimer: The products mentioned were offered by PR for consideration.



  1. August 17, 2016 / 11:10 am

    Ben best benieuwd. Maar heel eerlijk, ik denk dat ik toch altijd naar mijn vaste vertrouwde merken (MAC, Sigma) ga blijven grijpen voor make-up borstels.

  2. Twodaze
    August 21, 2016 / 5:39 pm

    Deze zal ik zeker eens uitproberen! Voor blush gebruik ik eerlijk gezegd geen borstel. Ik gebruik de Chubby Sticks van Clinique. Het is altijd moeilijk om een goed beautyproduct te vinden die bij je huid past.
    Leuke blog!

    Zie hier onze laatste beautypost: http://www.twodaze.com/2016/08/06/beautyfave-kylie-lipkit/

    XO Romy

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