L’Oréal Miss Baby Roll Mega Volume Waterproof Mascara

Rewind to mid July. I’m at the drugstore and in need for a new mascara that can get me through Tomorrowland no matter the weather conditions (blazing hot / pouring rain). As I need to pick up my friend at the station, I literally only have 5 minutes to pick a mascara, pay and head on out. I was very happy with the blue Noir Couture waterproof mascara from Givenchy, but since we were planning to go all out with glitter pigments, I wanted to get basic black mascara that was waterproof. Enter the L’Oréal Miss Baby Roll Mega Volume Waterproof Mascara!


It’s cute millennial colours and retro font were luring me in and I had vaguely heard some good things about the miss Baby Roll mascara’s so that’s all it took. Fast forward to present day. It’s been well over a month since I started using this mascara with its weird spiral shape and short bristles. They can scratch your lid a little if you’re not careful but it really helps to get to the root of the lashes and build from there. The wand is big, but not colossal, making it easier to reach the lashes in the inner and outer corners of the eye, as well as coating the bottom lashes.


The wand picks up a decent amount of product which enables you to gradually coat your lashes until you’ve reached the desired intensity. My lashes are pretty long on their own, but they need some help to show that to the world. And the L’Oréal Miss Baby Roll Mascara is more than happy to offer that support. I do curl my lashes beforehand, but Baby Roll will seal in the curl and hold it up for the rest of the day. My lashes also get a lot more body without getting clumpy or heavy.

Exhibit A: on the right my lashes without curl or mascara. On the left: curled lashes with mascara. Notice how much it really opens up the eye? Freaking love it!


I used it in both hot and wet weather conditions and it may smear just a little bit at the end of the day, but overall it manages to hold up fine. Haven’t gone swimming with it though. I’m really pleasantly surprised with this mascara and would recommend you check it out if you are on the lookout for a new one.

Apart from the Black Waterproof version, they also have Baby Black, Bright Teal, Indigo Gum, Black Waterproof and Sweet Lilac (not all colours are available everywhere) in the normal formula that are interesting to check out. Although it makes me wonder: why there are so little waterproof mascaras out there? Despite the fact that they’re often a pain to remove (use oil cleansers!), they do have the most long-wearing formulas that I would recommend especially if you have oily lids or during summer. If it were up to me, every mascara would have a waterproof version. And definitely if they are as good as this one. Have you tried any of these?

L’Oréal Miss Baby Roll Mega Volume Waterproof Mascara – € 12 / £ 8
Available at the drugstore

Disclaimer: Product was purchased.


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