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Oh  no. It’s The-Coveted-gate all over again. As much as I wish I could  start this week’s roundup with a glowing review of positivity, the sad  truth is that the blogosphere is rife with accusations of trademark  infringement, side-eye, competition, and bitchiness. Ladies and gents,  it is time for this to stop.

I’ll never understand why people  feel the need to tear others down, or pass another’s content—or  identity—off as their own. Blogging dynamo Cece of LoveBrownSugar noted this week that she’s had enough of the side-eye in fashion, and  frankly, so have I. Last week, Cece issued an #Uplift Challenge: Find at  least one female you don’t know personally and tell her something that  makes her feel beautiful. Don’t get “#Uplift”? Be sure to read Beautifully Invisible‘s post—a Twitterless blogger is like Lady Gaga without a mic!

As you explore this week’s list and head into the weekend, I leave you with this thought: “Women with wings,” Sacramento, of Mis Papelicos,  wrote, “use their wings not only to fly, but to cuddle, to shelter, to  back, to push and to hug.” What are you using your wings for?

Links à la Mode: April 14th


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