Lauren Conrad gets new reality show

Looks like somebody missed the spotlight. The former Hills star Lauren Conrad, who dropped out of the faux-reality show because she was getting too much attention, is back on a brand new MTV reality show. In the show, the camera’s will follow her during the launch of her newest fashion line. “I am so excited to be rejoining the MTV family,” she told MTV News. “The new project will follow me as I develop my new contemporary line and also touch on my other businesses.”

After Conrad’s first clothing line failed, she launched an affordable collection with Kohl’s. Last month, Conrad announced she would re-launch a higher-priced contemporary women’s collection. A reality show just might help improve the sales. Unlike The Hills, the show will only focus on her professional life. “I’ve always been open to doing reality again,” she told Ryan Seacrest on his radio show. “Just under certain circumstances. As long as you have a separation, then it works. You have your personal life and you have work life; when they’re combined, it’s difficult.”

Filming starts this fall. It’s not yet known when it will air, but I’ll keep you posted!


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