Kenzoki Cream With A Sheen


Ever since my skin made the switch from oily to normal – combination skin, I’ve been all over illuminating products. Highlighters, illuminating primers, glittery blushes, you name it and I’ve slathered it on my face. Especially if you’re really fair, these products will lower the amount of times you’re asked if ‘you’re okay, because you look so pale’ significantly.

This is exactly why I heard angels chanting in my ears when I opened a package from Kenzo which contained Kenzoki Cream With A Sheen, a day cream promising to boost the complexion’s luminosity, even out irregularities and refine the skin texture for an irresistible healthy glow and instant radiance. Hell yass!

stylelab-beauty-blog-kenzoki-spray-cream-with-a-sheen-9Let me just start off with stating how beautiful minimalistic the packaging is. The milky white jar with lilac typography looks pretty simple, but the details is what sets it apart. The jar itself has a little texture, but the top of the lid is slightly slanted and has a smooth surface. Once you open the lid the familiar Kenzo white lotus fragrance rises up from the jar. It smells absolutely incredible. My skin and I are totally fine with it, but I can understand some might find it a little too strong and risqué if you have really sensitive skin. For me, it has the rather calming and relaxing effect all Kenzoki’s skin & body care products seem to have on me. stylelab-beauty-blog-kenzoki-spray-cream-with-a-sheen-8

The texture of the cream lies somewhere in between a classic cream and a gel. It contains white lotus essence (soothing & antioxidant), pink peony (illuminates, unifies complexion), dulse (gives resilience thanks to proteins, vitamins A & B12, boosts microcirculation and tones) and light-reflectors (catching the light). It’s marketed for all skin types but I don’t think this will be a good match if your skin is either dry or oily. Within the cream I indeed noticed a lot of pink shimmer, which is where the cream draws its luminosity from. The light-reflecting particles give the skin a beautiful glow, which is why this cream is also my weapon of choice on no makeup days. It makes me look more awake and healthy.


A nice addition to the cream is the Kenzoki Spray With A Sheen, a lotus-scented spray I use to set my makeup and to carry around in my handbag for some glow touchups later on. The spray holds my base makeup throughout the day although I don’t find this is as illuminating as the cream, it’s rather a nice add-on. This product also isn’t as economic in use, so I have to hold back in order not to use too much. The freshness of the process can be pretty addictive. stylelab-beauty-blog-kenzoki-spray-cream-with-a-sheen-5

Both products are not a part of my daily routine, but I like to use them on days where I need some extra help in making my dull skin look alive, especially after having little sleep. They’re the perfect products to get when you’re in the mood to spoil yourself because these 2 are like having a spa on your face. I prefer the cream over the spray if I really had to choose.


Kenzoki Cream With A Sheen / Crème Qui Fait Belle (50 ml) – € 50
Kenzoki Spray With A Sheen / Spray Qui Fait Belle (30 ml) – € 23,50

Kenzoki is available at select Ici Paris XL and INNO stores (BE).

Have you tried any of these before?
What are your favourite glow/radiance-boosters?

Disclaimer: The products mentioned are PR samples sent for consideration.

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  1. October 24, 2015 / 1:04 pm

    Klinken als de ideale hangover producten, hehe.

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