Guerlain Holiday 2015 – Neiges et Merveilles


Those who follow me on Snapchat (@StyleLab) have already seen it a couple of weeks back. I literally snapped every inch of the room at the Guerlain event and many of you agreed: this has to be one of the prettiest Holiday collections. Guerlain’s Neiges et Merveilles collection is absolutely stunning in every aspect. With both packaging and product on point, these just make the perfect gifts for anyone who loves pretty luxurious makeup.


Out of the 3 products shown here, this one is my favourite: the Météorites Voyage Enchanté Skin-Perfecting, Illuminating Matte Powder. The heavy metal case the powder comes in is gorgeous and makes it look and feel like a jewel rather than makeup. The powder itself feels like silk; its soft and lightweight texture blends in beautifully with the skin, fixing foundation without making it look caky. It matifies the skin in a subtle manner, leaving enough dewiness of the foundation intact for a natural looking face. It has the signature violet scent, though it is very subtle compared to the other Guerlain powders.


If you’re interested in purchasing this powder, you might have to consider breaking the piggy bank as this will set you back almost € 150. Though the product itself is great and I’ve been using it every day, it is entirely up to you and your budget wether you want to invest in this jewel or not, as there are many similar powders out there (even within the Guerlain brand).


The next product is something you wouldn’t really expect to see in a winter collection, but yep, Guerlain chose to release their best-selling Terracotta bronzer in a limited edition white silicone sleeve with sparkly glitter. As you probably won’t be using the bronzer as much as during spring-summer, instead of designing a complete white packaging, they opted for a silicone sleeve that you can remove, so you can use the product throughout the year. Personally I find the sleeve a bit unnecessary as it can get in the way when you open the product or want to keep everything clean. The Terracotta bronzers have a long proved their worth, so there’s really not much to say about the quality.


The weirdest thing however is that they opted for colour °03, which is their bestselling shade. My question is: how many people can actually pull off a colour this dark during winter? Not me that’s for sure! In my opinion, they should’ve picked a lighter shade that gives you a glow but not the obvious bronzed face. However if °03 is your shade and you love collector’s editions, you might want to pick this one up.

Lastly there’s the Gloss D’Enfer in Reflets Etoilés, a glossy transparent lip gloss with lots of pearlescent particles that you can wear on its own or as a top coat. If you love a good non-sticky lip gloss formula with lots of shimmer, this might be for you. Personally I haven’t been a fan of this type of glitter (other than on my nails) since I was a teen, but I guess for the Holidays or a themed party I would make an exception. I bet it looks gorgeous on top of the Maxi Velvet M72 Fleur de Givre which you can also find in the collection.


This is just a small offering of what the Guerlain Holiday 2015 collection has, but trust me when I say you haven’t seen the best items yet! If you do happen to have a Guerlain counter near you, be sure to check out the Meteorites Flacons Enchants Light Enhancing Powder and the Palette Ors et Merveilles eyes and blush palette, 2 of my favourite items of the collection!

Météorites Voyage Enchanté skin-perfecting, illuminating matte powder – € 145,50 / $ 179
Gloss D’Enfer in 902 Reflets Etoilés – € 31,50 / $ 30
Terracotta Collector bronzing powder N° 03 – € 52,50 / $ 53

Guerlain’s Neiges et Merveilles collection is now available at selected stores.

Disclaimer: The products mentioned in this post were sent by PR for review purposes.

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  1. November 19, 2015 / 12:39 pm

    Alle producten zien er zo heerlijk sprookjesachtig uit <3

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