Givenchy Le Rouge Kyoto Edition


There it was, his name, flashing on my screen: @ndegennes. I pinch myself. Did Nicolas Degennes, artistic director at Givenchy  makeup, REALLY just like my picture on Instagram? I check and double check. A high pitched ‘IIEEH‘ soon followed, but it was nothing compared to the excitement that followed as I dug deeper into his instagram like a true creeper and found these beauties. For Spring 2016, Givenchy introduces a very – and I mean very – limited edition collection of Le Rouge Kyoto, aka the perfect blend of one of my favourite lipsticks and one of my favourite travel destinations. In other words, a match made in heaven.


For the collection Nicolas closely collaborated with Hiroto Rakusho, a famous Japanese gold leaf master, to create a limited edition case of its iconic lipstick: Le Rouge Givenchy. Each Givenchy Le Rouge Kyoto lipstick has a unique hand-painted print on the 22 carat gold foils which are wrapped around the leather cases and inspired by the old capital of Japan, Kyoto, where Hiroto was born.

The cases can by purchased alone or with any Le Rouge Givenchy lipstick of your choice, but as there are only 600 pieces available worldwide, this is one for the early birds. With the limited edition comes the pretty hefty price tag of £ 215, so this is a true collector’s item.


Although this is really expensive, I do think this makes a nice addition to your collection, if you can get your hands on it that is. It’s a truly unique piece I would treasure forever if it were within my bu

Givenchy Le Rouge Kyoto Edition – £ 214.50 / $ 330.
Available at Harrods.



  1. January 20, 2016 / 12:53 pm

    Amai ja, wat een eer, die like! Prachtig ook, eh, waauw.

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