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Still looking for the ideal gift for a makeup loving friend/relative/lover or perhaps yourself? The coming holidays you can take your party looks to the next level with these gorgeous sets of eyelashes from Eylure. The Lash Edits each feature an iconic metropole and contain 3 sets of eyelashes and 2 adhesives. 

The sets have the appearance of a special collector’s box, which makes me want to 1) get them all and 2) cherish them forever. Priced at only € 15 for 3 different pairs of 100% natural and handmade pairs of lashes + 2 adhesives, you really can’t go wrong. A single pair of Eylure lashes is usually priced at € 8, plus you can use them plenty of times if you take care of them properly. I always make sure to remove any glue leftovers and I store them in their original boxes so they maintain their shape. Side note: the glue that comes with Eylure lashes might not be the best, sometimes it lasts for hours, sometimes it doesn’t, so don’t expect too much of it and invest in a professional glue like the Duo lash glue instead.

stylelab beauty blog Eylure the lash edit New York eyelashes setstylelab beauty blog Eylure the lash edit London eyelashes packagingstylelab beauty blog Eylure the lash edit city eyelashes set

The London Lash Edit

“Ensure you are catwalk-ready with three sets of stylist lashes, derived from London, the coolest of the fashion capitals. Go from day to night (Definition No.121), a sophisticated ‘British’ afternoon tea meeting (Texture No.117) or a trendy night out, capturing a 60’s vibe (Texture No.154).”

stylelab beauty blog Eylure the lash edit London eyelashes

The New York Lash Edit

“Sophisticated and fashionable just like the city, coordinate your lashes with different parts of New York. Whether you are going for the cute ‘uptown’ girl look (Lengthening No.114), cool East Village vibe (Lengthening No.118) or film-star glam (Volume No.107), there is a lash for you.”

stylelab beauty blog Eylure the lash edit New York eyelashes

The Paris Lash Edit

“Alter your looks and ensure your eyes are elegantly accessorized in the chicest cities of them all. Capture Paris’s decadent spirit (Volume No.083), spend a romantic evening gazing over the Eiffel Tower (Volume No.101) or for an Artistic encounter (Volume No.100), there is a look for every occasion.”

stylelab beauty blog Eylure the lash edit Paris eyelashes

I think the metropolitan concept is a cool idea and the lashes seem to embrace the allure of each city perfectly. I’m hoping more cities will be added in the future, perhaps a doll like pair for Tokyo? *hint hint* It’s the perfect addition for makeup lovers, stylish wanderers and those who are looking for something extra for the holidays.

The Eylure Lash Edits are now available at Di and Lookiss for € 15 / £ 13 (at Boots).

How do you feel about false eyelashes? Do you wear them sometimes?

Disclaimer: This post contains PR samples.


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  1. December 18, 2014 / 12:09 pm

    I never wear falsies myself, but they definitely have the power to take an eye look to the next level and beyond!

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