Event | Antwerp Press Days AW12 #1

It’s that time of the year again. The time where you see journalists, stylists and bloggers hopping all over Antwerp, rushing from one press agency to the next. As usual I let my curiosity take the best of me –thanks to this weather I’m in an autumn state of mind anyway– and headed out to Antwerp. My first stop was at Jackie K Fashion Agency where I came across some familiar faces and discovered some new brands.

Stéphanie Vaillé

The AW12 collection is a mix of brown and burgundy pieces with fur details and sheer blacks with star-shaped embellishments. Leather / suede fans should definitely check this out.


Gertrude offers thick wool coats to get you trough the most harsh winter temperatures, but unlike most brands they do it in style by adding shearling or leather details.



I’ve been looking for bracelets to start my own arm party and I’ve found the perfect partner-in-crime in Elyona, a Korean luxury jewely brand. Start stacking!


Francis & Pi

Francis & Pi decided to take a different turn next season by working with different fabrics and introducing prints which will be divided into 2 collections. One with pieds de poule stamped upon the fabric, and a more luxurious (and expensive) one with a mixed pattern of two separate prints, for example a leopard print mixed with an American flag. And once again I’ve found myself fall head over heels for particular piece; the scarf with gray pieds de poule/ bird print in degrade pastel colors (top scarf in the first picture). MUST. HAVE.

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Madame à Paris


The Talk Of The Town (TTOTT)

TTOTT offers basics with a fun twist; embroidered flower sleeves, sown-on crystals, hemlines in different colors etc.


Les Amis

You can find more pictures on my FB page!


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  1. April 20, 2012 / 9:42 am

    Ik zie er al leuke items tussen 😀

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