Elegant Touch Summer Fayre & Fairground


I’m quite content with the shape of my nails, so I’m not as tempted to reach for fake nails. However. When Elegant Touch lands their new releases on your doorstep, it’s hard to refuse. They come out with the most amazing colours and designs and this Summer is no different. Summer Fayre and Fairground are 2 spankin’ new collections the UK brand has brought out for you to spice up your festival outfit. Highlights of the collection include these 2: the stiletto shaped flashy pink Helter Skelter and the reflecting Hall of Mirrors.


For this review I tried Hall of Mirrors, a holographic set of super-flex glue-on nails that were inspired by the Hall of Mirrors you’ll find at the fairground. Personally, they remind me more of those big soap bubbles because of the rainbow colored reflection that they give. Either way it’s a look you can’t achieve with regular nail polish so I was dying to try them out.


The false nails are super easy to apply. Just pick out the numbers that match with your nails, glue your nail, stick the false one on and press down for about 5 minutes. My nail bed is quite long and curved, which makes the ends on each side stick out a bit from under the false nails, even when I cut mine as short as I can. Luckily, I’m the only one who really notices from up close.


They lasted a good 7 days on me before the material on the thumb of my right hand (I’m right handed) started to split. It came off the next day and that’s when I decided to take them all off. For me that’s long enough as I like to switch up my nail looks quite regularly. Nevertheless, I loved sporting these and I’d highly recommend going to check out the new summer collections because <3!  Already on the wishlist: Coconut Shy & Hoopla.

Btw, anybody got a good tip on how to remove false nails (glue) without damaging the nails?

Elegant Touch Helter Skelter & Hall of Mirrors – £ 7.50 / € 10,50
Available at Di & Lookiss by Di (BE).

Disclaimer: Products sent by PR for consideration.


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