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Dior recently renewed their prestigious Diorshow / backstage line. The result is a collection of modern & feminine innovations in the shape of eyeshadow palettes, gel liners, brow gels and of course the iconic Diorshow mascara.

The renewed 5 Couleurs Pro Designer eyeshadow palettes come in 6 shades. Just like the regular Dior eyeshadow palettes last year, the packaging of the Pro Designer palettes has now become completely black and slimmer than its predecessors. I tested 208 Navy Design, an overall blue quint with gray undertones and a tiny hint of lavender. Very pretty and unlike anything I had in my stash before.


If I’d ask you to name a couple of brands that have excellent pigmentation when it comes to eyeshadows, Dior is probably not on that list and the lack of pigmentation that you get for this type of price point is the reason. The lightest shades are a little too powdery but the upper left blue (3 shadow) is gorgeous. I won’t say the pigmentation of Navy Design is bad, because it’s quite buildable, but at this price point I expected more.

Because this was the first time I used these types of colours I decided to stick to the tutorial in the booklet that came with the palette. The result is what I would like to call my ‘Frozen’ look, because  it made me feel like a Disney princess and had a wintery feel to it. I’m still rather unsure wether I like it or not since I tend to stay away from looks that are too heavy or dramatic (Belgium isn’t exactly a makeup country like the US or UK unfortunately), but I definitely want to recreate the gorgeous smokey eye Linda Hallberg made with the palette next.


Brow products are still all the rage in beauty land, so Dior couldn’t stay behind. The Diorshow Brow Styler Gel is here to save the day and keep those bushy brows in check. It comes in 3 versions; transparent, blonde & brown, and is nicely packaged in a twistable pen with a synthetic mascara-like wand on top. I love my transparent Hema brow gel to death but I must admit this one from Dior does one hell of a job of keeping my brows in check all day. The wand makes it easy to dispense product and comb my brows into shape at the same time after using a brow powder. Lovely product.


Although the Brow Styler is nice, the cream of the crop here is the Diorshow Mascara. I’m hooked. I still believe you don’t need to break the bank for a good mascara since there are plenty to be found at the drugstore. But if you do have € 30 to spend, then let it be on this one. It was my first try at a Dior mascara but now I get why so many women turn to Dior for mascara. The Diorshow promises both volume and length and it delivers. The XXL brush was inspired by the tooth brush professional makeup artists use to apply mascara in order to give the lashes a lot more volume. Now the Diorshow mascara comes in a new formula enriched with voluminizing micro fires that add more volume, layer after layer and comes in a new tube that prevents air from getting in, so the mascara doesn’t dry out as fast.

The result is that my lashes are never clumped together or spidery, yet they appear to be even longer and voluminous. The only thing I still need to do is curl them before applying mascara.


In the end I loved the new Diorshow mascara the most out of the new Diorshow range and would recommend you give it a try next time you want to try a new mascara. The brow gel is nice too but the palette was so-so. If you are looking for a good Dior palette, I would definitely recommend Cuir Cannage instead!

5 Couleurs Pro Designer eyeshadow palette in 208 Navy Design € 62
Diorshow Mascara in 090 Pro Black € 35
Diorshow Brow Styler Gel in 001 Transparent € 30,5

Disclaimer: The products in this post are PR samples sent for review purposes.

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  1. September 7, 2015 / 6:42 pm

    helemaal mee eens, de mascara is een topper!

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