Caudalie Rose de Vigne Fresh Fragrance Set


Are you all set for the holidays? Not yet? Well I have a last-minute present tip for you. Fragrance sets are pretty popular gifts during the holidays, but the surprise may lie in where you find them. If you’re looking for perfumery fragrance sets that will be found under every Christmas tree, try one from the apothecary. I honestly wouldn’t have thought about this option if the Caudalie Rose de Vigne Fresh Fragrance Set didn’t land on my doorstep. What a wonderful discovery!

I love Caudalie skin care, but ‘fragrances’ isn’t exactly the first thing what comes to mind when I think about the brand, yet they happen to do ’em so well. Rose de Vigne isn’t your typical rose scent and that’s great, because I’m not much of a rose fan. Alongside pink rose, this one uses grapefruit, white musk and a fresh pop of rhubarb, giving the scent a fruity, yet refreshing touch.


The set contains the Caudalie Rose De Vigne Fresh Fragrance (50 ml = full size), Shower Gel (50 ml) and hand & nail cream (30 ml). The fragrance itself is sold individually for the same amount of the entire set, so if you like the scent, the shower gel and the hand cream are pretty nice extras. I personally think this is why the holidays are the perfect time to get on board with new fragrances or stock up on old favourites. You get a lot more for your money.

I absolutely love the crisp fragrance, the extra’s and the beautiful pink discovery box it comes in. This will make a pretty fine gift!

Caudalie Rose de Vigne Fresh Fragrance Set – € 26,50 / £ 26
Caudalie is available at the pharmacy, IU, Sephora, …

Have you tried any fragrances from Caudalie before?

Disclaimer: The product mentioned in this post was sent by PR for consideration.*

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