Bourjois Color Edition 24H Eyeshadow

As I was checking my blog recently, I noticed 3 years have gone by since my last Bourjois post! Time to catch up! I have quite a few products to talk about, starting with the Bourjois Color Edition 24H eyeshadows. A good selection of cream eyeshadows is still rather hard to find at the drugstore, so I was pleasantly surprised to find these.

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The Bourjois Colour Edition 24H eyeshadows come in a stackable round plastic jar. The name of the colours can only be found on the sticker which holds the jar and the lid together, which is quite annoying. I tend to store them upside down to see the colours, because in this case the colour you see is the colour you get.

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I bought the colours 03 Pétale de Glace, 05 Prune Nocturne & 08 Marron Givré. All of them have a pretty metallic sheen, but Pétale de Glace looks the most metallic. All 3 look pretty but I’m not that fond of the white glitter that was used in Marron Givré. They can dry out pretty quickly if you’re not careful, so make sure to close the lid tightly after every use.


As for the texture, this cream-to-powder formula feels very light and creamy when swatched, yet you can feel it turning into a dry power texture almost instantly. All shadows have a nice pigmentation when swatched, but the intense pigment doesn’t get transferred onto the eyelid very well. I’ve tried applying it with my fingers as well as a brush, but as soon as I try to build up layers, the product will ball up and crumble off. This is more problematic with the darker shadows as it is more difficult to distribute the colour evenly onto the lid.


Then there’s the longevity. I would certainly not claim that this will stay on your lids 24 hours. If you use a good eye primer, it will last you 10 hours at most. Whenever I don’t wear a primer, this will start creasing just a little bit after a couple of hours..

Conclusion: Loved the colours, especially Petale de Glace for everyday and Prune Nocturne for a more intense look. I love using cream shadows for a quick makeup fix before heading out the door but these make me spend more time on my makeup than I would like.

Bourjois Color Edition 24H Eyeshadow – € 12 / £ 7
Available at the drugstore.

Disclaimer: Products were purchased.


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