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“Bye-bye ton-sur-ton tristesse. The summer is bursting with colour!” says the press release of the Babor spring/summer makeup collection. Unfortunately the same can’t be said about the weather. As I’m writing this post it’s raining cats and dogs like there’s no tomorrow. Add a big chunk of thunder & lightning to the mix and you’ll probably know where I’m getting at. What’s supposed to be the start of summer actually turned out to be a big f* you from our dearest, mother nature. More enough reason to start (day)dreaming and picturing myself on the spotless beach of some tropical island far away while wearing the gorgeous shades of orange this collection has to offer. Let’s just say my imagination had a little help of Photoshop, but whatever! Let’s look at the products!

All makeup from Babor comes in a gorgeous shiny golden packaging, which gives it a very luxurious feel. You can even use the exterior case of the eye shadow palettes and blushes as a mirror when you’re on the go. The downside then of course is that it’s pretty susceptible for fingerprints. You win some you lose some. Personally that doesn’t bother me at all.

The Summer Eye Shadow palette contains 5 shimmery shades and comes with 2 small sponge applicators. You can do a lot of things with this palette like a neutral smokey eye with the 3 colors on the left or add some of the bright orange for during the day to create the perfect beach look. I’m far less fond of the green-ish shade, but that’s just personal. I prefer using the outer left shade as a highlighter instead, so the green shade doesn’t really add much to the palette for me. In general the shades have great pigmentation and blend well. I love working around with it!

Summer Eye Shadow Collection  € 28

Again this mascara has a shiny golden packaging, which makes it somewhat similar to that of YSL. The first application makes my lashes look natural, but with a little bit more volume. Further application adds length to the lashes, creating a more false lashes look. The formula dries rather slowly, making multiple applications tricky at times. The lashes become too intertwined, resulting in the spiderlash effect. If you take that into account and manage to apply it nicely, you get a nice pair of long dashing lashes!

Super Style Mascara in 01 Black € 22

Even though it looks quite pigmented on my hand, it’s quite subtle once applied on the lips. It’s not sticky which in turn causes it to last only a couple of hours. For the look below I applied the Lip Liner over my entire lips first to get a bright lip and then added gloss to give it a nice shine.

Ultra Shine Lip Gloss °12 Beach Orange  € 20

You can find the swatch of the lip liner pencil next to my swatches of the blush. I only use lip liners to outline my lips in combination with lipsticks, since I find the liner to be too visible when worn with the gloss. The texture is semi-creamy, which doesn’t make the lips all too dry. I haven’t really used the brush though. Since the collection doesn’t have a beach orange lipstick (why not?), I only use this on the entire lip and with the gloss on top as shown below.

Maxi Definition Lip Liner °09 Beach Orange  € 12

The blush is my favorite product of the collection. It’s well pigmented and easy to build, so you can use this to create a very natural glow or bright peachy cheeks. You can use the colors separately to create the shade you like (more orange or pink), or use your brush over the entire surface as seen on the left side of my arm. Babor advises to use the orange when you’ve used orange on the eyes and vice versa, I simply use a bit of everything, for example pink on the roundest part of my cheek, a little orange glow on top of my cheekbones and under a bit of the tan shade, which i blend outwards.

Summer Blush Collection  € 26

Honestly I’d never pick a dark orange shade like Babor’s Beach Orange if I were at the store, but wearing this in the blazing sun changed my mind completely. The sunlight adds that little tad of brightness this polish needs to fully embody the spirit of a true summer polish. The durability is up to 4-5 days without chipping and the bottle contains about just the right amount for a trendy season nail polish. For the swatch I used a base coat and 3 coats of Beach Orange.

Ultra Perfecting Nail Colour °22 Beach Orange (6 ml)  € 9,50

I wore this look during the brief sneak peek of summer a couple of weeks ago. Unfortunately there was no beach in sight so I had a little help from my old buddy Photoshop (and yeah, I suck) to get me in a summer mood. Somehow the makeup looks pretty transparent in the pics (probably because I took them outside on a sunny day), but I can assure you my eyes looked really bright IRL (the eye on the left comes close). My camera probably decided to make them look as pale as my milk bottle-tan. (If you have any tips for me on how to capture the exact colors of a makeup look, please do tell!)

For this look I used all of the colours in the palette: the 2 lightest shades on my inner corner of my eyes, the bright orange in the middle and of course the darkest colours in the outer corner of my eyes + a thin line of the dark brown shade directly above my lash line). Can’t wait to wear this at a real beach!

Other products used for this look:
Bobbi Brown liquid foundation —  Max Factor Creme Puff 
Bobbi Brown Concealer Kit — Hair: Wella Ocean Spray

You can find Babor at the beauty salon and at

What do you think of the products? Let me know if you have any questions!



  1. June 22, 2012 / 3:48 pm

    Ik ben ook niet zo’n fan van de groene tint, past er niet goed bij vind ik. Maar de rest ziet er wel mooi uit, hoewel ik niet aan de neutrale kleuren ben, behalve brons en beige 🙂 Vind de nagellak ook echt een mooie kleur! En nu duimen voor die zon he, dat strand daar zal je zelf voor moeten zorgen vrees ik 🙂

  2. June 24, 2012 / 3:42 am

    DIT WEER begint serieuusss op mijn zenuwen te werken ! Maar je ziet er goed uit hoor meid ! En je photoshop skillzzzzz vallen best mee hoor, net zo’n “groeten uit hawaii” kaartje, leuk 😀

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