ASOS spring/summer lookbook

There’s no doubt about where ASOS got their inspiration for the new spring/summer 2011 collection. The seventies theme was all over the runways during the previous fashion week. Wide silhouettes, dreamy romantic fabrics, lots of denim pieces and pastel colors, baseball jackets, maxi skirts and dresses and straw accessories.  And a pop of bright color here and there that makes me long for the summer sun.

The best items for me are definitely the colorful platform sandals with the chunky heels. Normally chunky heels aren’t really my thing, but these shoes seem to have captured my heart. I don’t know if it’s the combination of materials or colors, but I just find them to be fun, cheerful and perfect to hit the new season off. I might get myself a new baseball jacket too. My old one from G-star is completely worn out. Well, it’s actually more of a baseball sweater, but anyways. I like the old school American look. Highschool outfits, jocks, cheerleaders.. all kinda Glee -ish. Love it!

Anything here you like?

Pictures courtesy of ASOS.


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