Personal | A new baby is on the way..

No more shooting and then coming home to find 80% of my pictures too blurry to put online, no more embarrassment while getting my camera out of my bag to shoot at events or whatever.. because soon I’ll be playing with the big boys. Yep, I’m getting my first SLR camera soon and I couldn’t be more excited! Last weekend my mom shoved -totally out of the blue- a paper under my nose with some camera details on them, while asking “Have you thought about which camera you’d like for your birthday?” Wait.. WHUT?! I’m getting a camera for my b-day?! After I calmed down a bit, the following thought came to my mind; ‘Good question, what camera would I like for my birthday?’ I have absolutely no experience with SLR cameras or whatsoever so I haven’t got a clue what to pay attention to when shopping for one.

That is why I turn to you, my sweet readers. Do you have an SLR camera? What should I pay attention to when purchasing one? Your advice would be very much appreciated! 🙂

Pictures by faded-shad0ws (tumblr) and x_miinzi_21 (flickr).