A Fashion Trip to California

Sara and Carol Piron, the designers behind Filles à Papa clearly didn’t lose their rock chick attitude this season. The spring/summer 2012 collection is all about the American way of life; trashy, grungy & on the edge.

Silhouettes are constructed using a mix of oversized and bodyhugging pieces. The cuts are pretty basic, but they’re all embellished with the most gorgeous details that make them unmistakebly recognisable as FàP material. This season they’ve translated these details into a carefully constructed balance between destroyed and couture. This is manifested in worn effects, reliefs, inside-out stitching, patchwork and grafic triangles. My favorite piece of the collection? Without doubt the leather jacket with destructed neon orange Chanel couture sleeves. Love times infinity <3

For a list of FàP points of sale, go here.