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Question: How many of you carry around way too much stuff in their bag? I sure do. In fact, making the ‘What’s in my bag-tag post a couple of months ago and laying all of my stuff out on the table was a real eye opener for me. I carry way too much stuff around for ‘just in case‘ purposes. Now, I do clean my bag about every month or so, but somehow I always end up with 5 lipsticks, a dozen hair bands and just plain simple trash like parking tickets (proof of payment, not fines.. just to be clear), receipts, flyers, memo’s etc that’s tumbling around in there to the point where I can hardly find anything I actually need. Well, no more!

While the solution to my problem is simple -just use a smaller bag that can’t carry that much stuff and therefore forcing me to carry nothing but essentials – finding the perfect bag was not.

That was until I found my perfect match: the classic Céline Trio bag, a top notch lambskin bag consisting of 3 detachable leather pouches and an adjustable shoulder strap. This sophisticated satchel comes in an extensive range of colors (with my faves being the classic black, red or the trendy electric blue) and retails for € 590. A whopping price for a little bag, but this modern take on the cross body bag makes the perfect addition for any stylish je-ne-sais-quoi outfit that needs a pop of color for a finish. Plus, it helps you stay organised.

If that’s not within your budget (it’s not really mine either), great alternatives can be found all over the place. Annabel Ingall and Jessica Buurman are some examples of brands who did their own take on the Trio bag.

 photo stylelabfashionblogcelinetriobagblack.jpg  photo stylelabfashionblogcelinetriobaggrey.jpg  photo stylelabfashionblogcelinetriobagred.jpg  photo stylelabfashionblogcelinetriobaggrey1.jpg  photo stylelabfashionblogcelinetriobagblue.jpg  photo stylelabfashionblogcelinetriobagred1.jpg photo stylelabfashionblogcelinetriobagblack1.jpg

What do you think of the Céline Trio bag? Any other mini bags I need to check out?

Pics via The Working Girl, Find Me a Muse, Jenesequa, T Styled Me, Fashapple, Vanilla Scented, StreetFSN and Pinterest.


  1. June 27, 2013 / 9:49 am

    ik ben gek op de rebecca minkoff mini mac, die staat al heel lang op mijn wishlist! maar ik heb net mijn marc jacobs tas gekocht, dus ik mag ‘m even nog niet aanschaffen :p maar zodra er genoeg tijd verstreken is haal ik er mij zo eentje 🙂 al is deze van celine ook wel überschattig!

  2. July 1, 2013 / 6:29 pm

    Heel mooi tasje! Mocht ik het budget hebben zou dit ook mijn eerste keuze zijn, iets goedkoper – maar nog steeds wat duur – zijn de MAC bags van Rebecca Minkoff. Hun hoogtijd was misschien vorig jaar, maar ik vind ze nog steeds heel tof én ze komen in veel trendy kleurtjes 🙂 x

    • Sté
      July 3, 2013 / 6:17 pm

      Ja die vind ik ook heel mooi! De Mini Mac zal wss nog wat goedkoper zijn.

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