Tom Ford for H&M?

The Lanvin for H&M collection has just hit the stores, and people are already speculating who’s the next designer in line to design a collection for H&M. Rumor has it that the next designer is Tom Ford, former head designer at Gucci. According to French Tribune, the limited edition collection is going to be the same edition that appeared  the December-January issue of French Vogue, when Tom Ford was the guest editor.

These are pretty rough speculations if you ask me. Personally, I think it’s very unlikely to happen if you consider the fact that Tom is very committed to the concept of luxury and that he has no interest in all the press attention that comes with a launch at H&M months before the official release. He really doesn’t need it. He even banned the press entirely when he launched his ‘Tom for womens collection’, so you wouldn’t see it. Second, who would want to pay a truckload of money for a dress when everyone can get the same one for a whole lot less at H&M? Exactly, no one. He would kill his own business.

Nevertheless, I do think it would be great though. This would be one of the ‘bigger fish’ for H&M to catch. To be an (ex) head designer at Gucci.. well, that means something! But for now to say exactly what collection is going to be copied, that seems a bit shady to me.

Source: French Tribune


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