Spring Makeup Favorites

Don’t you just love to visit your local perfumery to discover and try the new makeup collections? So do I! With Spring just around the corner, it’s the perfect opportunity to add some bright colors to your makeup stash. The following luxury beauty brands provide us with some amazing collections and a lot of new limited edition wannahaves.

To make choosing just a little bit easier –because we both know you secretly want it all, and I don’t blame you– I’ve narrowed them down to a maximum of 3 lemmings per brand (which still was pretty hard btw). Enjoy!

Dior‘s spring collection ‘Garden Party’ is devoted to the big Christian Dior himself, or rather his home in Normandy where he used to host parties that were aptly named the ‘Grand Balls of the Century’.

Garden Clutch in °001 Milly Garden
The Garden Clutch is probably the most beautiful Dior limited edition accessory / makeup palette I have ever seen. It’s almost a shame to ruin the embossed roses by using it, isn’t it?
Nail Vernis Waterlily
Dior is hopping on the scented nail polish train and they do it well. This lovely mint green shade carries the fragrance of a lush garden of roses. Add in some small glitters and you get an awesome manicure.
Rouge Dior Lipcolor °363 Corolle Pink
A lovely light pink shade with silver shimmer that’ll make those lips shine! It’s quite a subtle shade, so probably more suitable for less pigmented lips.

Givenchy‘s creative makeup director Nicolas Degennes brings us a nice soft pastel color palette with the Instant Bucolique. Nature was clearly a big source of inspiration for creating these collections. Instant Bucolique is about the scenery of flowery fields as gazed upon from above by painters.

Prisme Blush Bucolique °2 Poppy   € 43, 00
Prisme Blush Bucolique °1 Rose   € 43,00 
Unique Blush – Breezy Cheeks. This is the reference to the field of poppies with their dense, generous colour. It symbolizes the vivacity of this season and its joyful fragility. Available in pink or red, the blush’s freshness structures the face and highlights the eyes with a luminous, velvety effect. Two gorgeous blushes, I just couldn’t choose!
Prisme Visage Bucolique °1 Bucolic Blossoms  € 52,00
Unique Compact Powder – Spring Glow. Bucolic Blossoms compact powder illuminates all skin types with a light, energizing and glowing veil. Its micronised texture enables deep colour inlaying and an outwardly “blurred” makeup effect, in perfect harmony with the rural and pictorial world of this collection. The beautiful packaging alone makes me want to get this.

Guerlain brings us ‘Les Roses et le Noir’. I guess I don’t need to explain where they got their inspiration? 😉

Météorites Cruel Gardenia   € 55,00
The Météorites products are always on the top of my list and the Cruel Gardenia edition makes no exception. This gorgeous shimmering powder can be used overall to give your skin an irresistible radiance or on strategic parts of your skin to highlight that particular area. The 3D floral print is simply amazing and once again I know I’d find it a shame to ruin it in order to use the product.
Rouge G de Guerlain Rose collection 73 Rose Ensoleillé   € 42,00
This lipstick contains a ruby-powder formula that interacts with the light and creates the perfect lips – defined, smoothed, plumped, and hydrated. Tucked in a compact that combines beauty with high design, with just one click, you will have a luminous lipstick and a mirror. The compact closes magnetically.
Noir G Mascara € 47,00; refill € 25,00

The first refillable scented macara. “Pull: there is a click and the mirror is revealed. Twist: a sleight of hand and a brush appears. Noir G is refillable to belong to you and no-one else. Pull the top to reveal the refill. Just trigger a secret click on the top of the cap to release it… And insert another.” This is the mascara I’ve been waiting for.

Yves Saint Laurent‘s creative director Lloyd Simmonds got inspired by the colors of nature during springtime to create the gorgeous color palette of the  Candy Face collection.

Ombres 5 Lumières °13 eye shadow palette   € 54,00
Spring 2012 is all about pastels, so why stop at fashion and not continue applying the trend in your make-up routine? This makeup palette contains 5 irresistible pastel colors ( sky blue, sugar pink, mint, sunshine yellow and deep purple) covered with a subtle shimmer.
Rouge Volupté Perle °115 Corail étincelant lipstick   € 30,50
I love YSL lipsticks; they’re very pigmented, creamy, hydrating and fruity. Since coral is my favorite color, this was an easy pick.
Duo Manicure Couture édition 8 € 32,50
A bright orange-pink nail polish duo that can be worn alone or together as a colorful French manicure.

Chanel‘s creative makeup director Peter Phillips was inspired by the colors of the sunset and sunrise on the horizon during springtime for the Harmonie de Printemps collection.

Le Vernis 535 May   € 22,00
A cute bubblegum pink shade that is here to stay. If you want the orange June shade, better be quick because that one is a limited edition.
Rouge Coco Chalys € 29,00 
Another gorgeous shimmery coral shade with an orange undertone. Can’t have enough of those.
Blush Horizon de Chanel   € 55,00
In one elegant compact, five pink and peach tones mimic the luminous hues of sunset. This unique powder blush lends itself to multiple effects: blended together, the harmony is ideal for sculpting and accentuating the natural contours of the face. Using just the pink shades creates a fresh, youthful flush, while on their own, the peach tones produce a warm, sun-bronzed glow.

So what do you think, anything in here for you?



  1. March 2, 2012 / 3:45 pm

    I really want to try the Noir G Mascara. I’ve heard great things about it (like you can do 3 coats without it clumping)! Maybe I’ll put it on my birthday wish list 😉

    Thanks for sharing Ste! Spring is such a delightful season, and all the campaigns remind me of the feeling of falling in love!

  2. March 3, 2012 / 5:46 pm

    Went looking for April/May/June today in the local perfume store but they were all sold out. As was the Dior Garden Party clutch 🙁

    • Sté
      March 5, 2012 / 11:19 pm

      I always go to stores in smaller towns if I have my eye on certain limited editions. Independent perfumeries are great options too.
      I’ll keep an eye out if I spot them and I’ll let you know 🙂

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