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The hottest accessory for the spring/summer season is definitely the Chouka from Francis & Pi. Who you say? Francis & Pi is a brand new label founded by two Belgian sisters with totally different backgrounds ( a jurist & Vlerick alumnus and a real estate agent/model) but with the same mission: concquering the world with their own creation: the Chouka.

The moment they shared their concept with me during the press days in Antwerp, I was immediately hooked with the idea and I could already picture myself wearing the coral red scarf with the red/white/gold flower Chouka jewel during a sunny day. ♥


 The sisters talked about the fact that a lot of women wear scarves not because it is cold, but because it’s part of their outfit. They wanted to use that trend to create something completely new. And they certainly did! Their concept is unique, sophisticated, luxurious and practical. The scarf, nowadays a must for practically any outfit, is accompanied by the Chouka, an artistic leather jewel that makes it easy to knot scarves and pareo’s. The Chouka’s are carefully crafted jewels in ethnical colored leather, mixed with gold and silver. The choice of materials gives the look just the right ethnic touch StyleLab loves!

Besides the Chouka, you can also find scarves, bracelets and handbags by the hand of Francis and Pi. The materials are a mix of 2 continents: the 100% Italian fabrics of the scarves are in perfect harmony with the lost Moroccan traditions. The leather is tanned and dyed in an authentic way in a small studio in Marrakech by local craftsmen and then hand finished to create luxurious Chouka’s, bracelets and handbags.

Francis & Pi will be available as of January 15th in various boutiques such as Francis Ferent (Brussels/Knokke), Step by Step (Antwerp), Policarpo (Hasselt), Profiel (Leuven), Uno (Knokke), Bleu, c’est gris (Ghent), A Suivre (Ghent/Kortrijk), Fragine (Deerlijk), Papago (Kortrijk), Strip (Roeselare), etc.

Price information:
Scarves €69
Choukas €90 – €149
Bracelets €105 – €149
Bag €345

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  1. March 14, 2011 / 7:08 pm

    really it’s a very innovative thing which they have done. hats off to both of these sisters

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