Shoplog: MAC Cham Pale

A fabulous way to enter 2011 is with Champaign Pale. This gorgeous nude glittery collection just hit the stores today and as predicted, it’s an instant hit. I was the first to enter the Ghent store this morning (December 31st) and there were only 2 I Get No Kick Eye Kohl Pencils left. All the others were reserved, and the phone was still ringing off the hook. Why am I not surprised? The collection is kind of neutral, but still festive because of the little glitters that’s in every product. And they’re subtle, perfect for a glamorous party look. I wouldn’t put the whole collection on at once though, either focus on the eyes or lips to put the glitters on. Cham Pale all over would simply be a little too much. Either way, I think this is one of MAC‘s best collections of the year and definitely recommend it to anyone who’s in for a party!


Cham Pale counters at MAC Ghent:

My Cham Pale buys and swatches:


 Caviar Dreams Eyeshadow Quad


 Left to right: Et Tu, Bouquet?; Caviar Dreams; Brule; Retrospeck


 Nail Lacquer: Soirée

I Get No Kick Eye Kohl
Dangerous Cuvee Paint Pot

Other great buys would have been: Quiet Please Lipstick, Chilled on Ice Paint Pot, Chez Chez Lame Highlighter (I already bought the magic powder from the VV collection), Sin-tillion Lip Gelee (already have a Chanel lipgloss in the same color). A girl’s gotta stick to her budget, otherwhise the whole MAC store might’ve been empty!

The MAC Cham Pale collection is now available in every MAC store. Go get it while you still can!


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