Shoplog: Lille

Three weeks ago I went on a shopping trip to Lille (France). I don’t know why it always takes me soo long before I go back, because  it’s only about 20 minutes away. I guess it must be the psychological barrier of crossing the border, making it seem further than it actually is. I visited a whole lot of stores, but Printemps, Galleries Lafayette, H&M, Kiko and Sephora are the stores that made me leave Lille with a smile on my face.

Here’s what I bought:

My first purchase was a cute white silk top from one of my favorite French brands, Sandro. I love the way it’s so simple, but still elegant because of the fabric and the cute bow detail on the shoulder.

Skirts were lacking in my closet, so I wasn’t planning on leaving Lille without buying any! Oh hell no! Instead, I went home with 4: mission accomplished! The two above are both from Maje. The pink one looks like a tullip, and it opens up like one when you actually wear it. I especially love the color and the draping. It’s a size too big, but I’ll make it work. The black one is a wide heavy miniskirt woven with a silver yarn, which causes the shininess.

These two skirts are from Divided by H&M. I’ve told you before I’m not really a print person, but for some reason my eyes were drawn to these prints each time I visited an H&M store. The first one is more of an animal/tribal print and the other one is more digital/futuristic looking. They’re both pretty light, so I really hope the sun decides to come back around soon.

A denim shirt is an item that I still needed to add to my closet. Since I wasn’t sure if I’m going to wear this a lot, I went for a cheaper version to experiment with it first. This one from H&M is just perfect. I love the ‘used’ look of it and that it’s not too light or too dark. The fabric is rather thick, almost like an actual jeans, so I might buy a lighter version as well..

Whenever I visit a make-up store, I always leave with nail polishes. And for only €2,50 a pop at Kiko, you just can’t miss! You’ll probably see them again in one of my upcoming NOTD posts. The Huile Prodigieuse OR by Nuxe is something I posted before on the Bxl press days. I must’ve been a magpie in a previous life or something, if it glitters I just gotta have it. You can expect a review of it as well.

This is the statement necklace (H&M) I was talking about in my previous outfitpost. It’d go perfectly with my animal print maxi dress. And I’ve said it before, feathers are going to be a huge trend for upcoming season, as well as details on clothing as in jewelry, so you might stock up on a few items! I’m still looking for more unique (but still affordable) pieces, so if you know any brands or shops that sell them, please let me know.

Some make-up gear I bought at Sephora. I haven’t tried their own brand before, so I’m very curious about this. I’m not sure if I’ll do a review on it, but if you’re interested just let me know..

To conclude this shoplog I have a pic of the scented hanger by Diptyque. Another thing I fell in love with during the press days. It wasn’t cheap, but it smells sooooo damn good! I hung it in my closet and now my whole room is filled with a subtle scent of Diptyque. Loves it…



  1. July 26, 2011 / 11:50 am

    Grappig, ik had ook net een post over Lille gemaakt! 🙂
    Lille is echt geweldig.

  2. July 26, 2011 / 12:44 pm

    Seems like you had a great time shopping! Leuke aankoopjes! 🙂

  3. July 26, 2011 / 5:45 pm

    Mooie top, hou van de eerste twee rokken, mooie ketting and leuke beautyspulletjes!

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