River Island Student shop-ins: Report


After the Steve Madden opening, Kim and I hurried to River Island for the Student Night on which we could score gorgeous items for -20%. We were expecting a huge turn out of students, so already went to have a peak before the opening so that we could try the pieces on and come back to buy them afterwards. Yes, we bloggers also have a buying strategy, which is of utter importance if we don’t want to wind up dead broke because of all our lemmings we encounter each day.


Left: Going back to the roots of River Island with the Chelsea Girl collection.
Right: Immi from Style For Guys, looking stylish as ever like a true River Island ambassador should!



I immediately set my eyes on this gorgeous orange skirt and I was so happy I could take it home with me. You can see the result in my first outfitpost. On the right you see me checking out these gorgeous clutches. I’m so happy with my brown RI satchel, I take it with me everywhere I go, so of course I had to take one of the clutches home with me!


Loved this pic of Marie and Kim. Can someone pls warn me next time so I can get my hair out of the way, cuz in every pic I look like the hairy monster. Lol


Besides the discount of -20%, you could also fill in some flyers and each hour Marie from Oona would pick out one and that person won a voucher to spend in store. Unfortunately we didn’t win, but better luck next time!


I had a really great time and I wish more stores would follow their example and host evenings like these because for students like me, a full price can be a real dealbreaker sometimes. Anyway, this is what I bought. Result: a happy Sté and a bank account that remained (somewhat) intact. Thank you, River Island and Oona!

Pics courtesy of StyleLab and Nathalie from The Merrymakers and Oona

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