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There were a lot of new exciting lip product releases last year, especially in the drugstore section, which sets the bar high for the year to come. One of them being the Rimmel Apocalypse Lip Lacquers. When I was looking into my favorites of 2013, I was quite surprised I hadn’t even blogged about these yet, especially since I loved them so much it didn’t take me long to buy some additional colours and there are still some more on my wish list even right now. Whoops, I guess I just spoiled the whole review but yes, I love them and I’d recommend them to anyone. In this blogpost I’ll share exactly why…

stylelab beauty blog review rimmel apocalips lip lacquers lip nova stellar big bang phenomenon apocaliptic 4
In Belgium the range exists of 7 beautiful colours, ranging from nudes to dark reds. Today I’ll be reviewing 100 Phenomenon, 303 Apocaliptic*, 400 Big Bang*, 501 Stellar and 102 Nova, a color not available in Belgium (I bought it when I was in London). Let’s have a look at the packaging first. The container is like any other lip gloss, long and sleek, but with a slight edge; the futuristic top of the cap which makes it look like some kind of mineral rock. The bottom on the other hand reveals the exact color of what is to appear on your lips later on – a feature I really appreciate! I thought the packaging was pretty original, until I saw Manhattan released an almost identical product. Even if they’re owned by the same company (Coty), it seemed a bit strange to me but anyway..

stylelab beauty blog review Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquers nova stellar big bang phenomenon
When you open them for the first time, there’s a transparent space between the black part of the tube and the black cap. When you pull the wand out, this transparant space will also show the lip cream color as it has the purpose of getting rid of excess product, which makes you save product and makes the application so much easier.

Then onto the product itself. It’s not a lipstick, nor a lipgloss or lip stain, so what is it exactly? At first, it reminded me of the Guerlain Rouge G l’Extrait and I thought I had found a drugstore dupe, but in fact it’s a little too glossy for that. The Lip Lacquers combine the intense pigmentation of a lipstick with the smooth lacquer-like sheen of a lip gloss aka the best of both worlds. They look like dupes for the Ellis Faas hot lips (although I haven’t tried those yet). The texture is semi-thick, creating the perfect opaque coat of colour. You can immediately feel the colour grabbing onto the lips, without really drying them out. I always apply a second coat on top for comfort and extra shine. The tricky part here is to not get any on your teeth!

stylelab beauty blog review rimmel apocalips lip lacquers lip applicator nova stellar big bang phenomenon apocaliptic
The doe foot applicator is another special feature. In the middle there’s a microreservoir which will hold the product. It will help to give you the right amount of product for 1 layer. It’s long and pointy, making it the perfect shape to follow the lines of your lips without having to do anything beforehand like use lip liner. One tip would be though to start in the middle of your lips and work your way to the edges when there’s not that much product left on the applicator to maintain a more natural look and avoid lines. They’re really pigmented, so it might take some exercise before you get it right in one go.

stylelab beauty blog review rimmel apocalips lip lacquers lip applicator phenomenon
Phenomenon is a soft punish nude, Nova is a bright pink, Stellar is an orange coral, Apocaliptic is a dark fuchsia and Big Bang is a bright red color.

stylelab beauty blog review rimmel apocalips lip lacquers nova stellar big bang phenomenon apocaliptic swatches colourkopie
On the lips they look just as opaque. Phenomenon is the most difficult to work with as it is really light and is more eager to show any imperfections on the lips. Scrubbing is a must with this color. The other shades are more easy to work with and have perfect coverage with just one layer. The longevity is about the same of a lipstick. The top layer will vanish after a couple of hours, especially when you’re drinking/eating, but then you’ll still be left with a stain which can be a little drying. Keep them around in your handbag for easy reapplication during the day or you might be left with outlined lips.

stylelab beauty blog review rimmel apocalips lip lacquers lip swatches nova stellar big bang phenomenon apocaliptic
Lip swatches of 100 Phenomenon*, 102 Nova (not available in BE), 303 Apocaliptic*, 400 Big Bang* and 501 Stellar. I can’t really say which one is my °1 favorite, I love wearing them all. One thing’s for sure; these vibrant babies aren’t for wussies. They just scream *BOOM check out my lips YO!*, so if stand-out makeup isn’t your cup of tea, these won’t do anything for you.

Rimmel Apocalips lip lacquers big bang lip swatch
In short, the Rimmel Apocalyps Lip Lacquer is a pigmented lip lacquer that has a ton of tiny features that really make a difference. I’m a big fan (Luna and Celestial are next on my wish list) and I’d suggest you give them a go too.

The Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquers come in 7 gorgeous colours that retail for € 11 at Di and Kruidvat (BE). Not all colours are available in every country.

This post contains products offered by a brand/PR company for review purposes.* Read my disclaimer for more info.

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  1. March 5, 2014 / 5:40 pm

    Zeer mooie review. Phenomenon vind ik iets minder, maar de andere kleuren zijn echt spectaculair. Vooral Stellar is echt geweldig!

  2. March 6, 2014 / 5:41 pm

    Ik ben ook heel tevreden van mijn kleur: across the universe. Het enige probleem dat ik wel altijd ondervind, is dat het de eerste 5min op mijn tanden komt. Tips zijn dus welkom 😉
    Naomi, x

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