Review: Nubo Diamond Peel and Reveal

A while ago I introduced you to Nubo, a luxury skincare brand that has found its way to Belgium earlier this year. I got the opportunity to try one of the products out; the Diamond Peel and Reveal.

Let me start off by saying something about the packaging. 2 words: Bling Bling! The packaging looks sophisticated and has a luxurious feel thanks to the shiny material and diamond embellished bottle cap of the exfoliator. Definitely something I’d like to put on display in my bathroom!

The Diamond Peel and Reveal works in two steps. First off is the Exfoliator, which you can apply both on dry and wet (freshly cleansed) skin. I do think it works better on dry skin, especially when your skin is rather greasy. I apply about two peas of the product on my face and spread it by making circular motions and focus on my problem areas. The texture is rather grainy thanks to the diamond particles. The active ingredients include humectants (ensure that your skin doesn’t dry out), papain (helps get rid of dead skin cells) and diamond dust (evens the skin tone, adds luminosity and reduces wrinkles and pores).

After the Exfoliator, it’s time to add the Activator on top of the Exfoliator (so don’t rinse the Exfoliator off). So far so good, my skin looks a little pinkish but still no sign of irritations. After a gentle massage, the product will start to foam just a little bit. After about a minute or two, you can rinse everything off with warm water. Make sure you do this thoroughly!

The result is smooth, healthy-looking polished skin. The diamond particles that are left behind make the skin look fresh and radiant. They really give the product – and thus your skin – that little extra you won’t find elsewhere. Loves it!

The Nubo Diamond Peel and Reveal is the best peeling I’ve used so far. While it’s not that cheap (65 euro), I believe 80 ml is enough to go around for a while. You won’t use the product every day anyway. I do have a couple of remarks on the instruction manual. It leaves certain important information out, such as the fact that you have to use it on dry skin and the frequency of use. Luckily, Parfuma gave me a good briefing on this, so I’m pretty sure they’ll do a great job at informing their clients about it as well.

Note: If you have skin problems or if  you’re undergoing certain skin treatments, please consult your dermatologist first before using any types of peelings to avoid irritations or worse.

Nubo is exclusively available at Parfuma.

This product was given to me by Parfuma upon consideration.
This does not affect the honesty of this review.

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  1. October 3, 2011 / 10:12 pm

    It really looks expensive just by the packaging!

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