Range Rover Evoque City Experience

What does a car have to do with fashion and beauty you say? Well, you might’ve already noticed I also have a 3rd category called ‘lifestyle’, which serves for subjects like these. And it happens to be that I love cars. I don’t know a whole lot about them like motor power or anything (I’m still a girl), but I do know beauty when I see it!

Anyway, why did I go to this event? Simple, I’ve had a crush on Range Rover ever since I saw the Cohen’s driving around in these gorgeous massive Range Rover Sport cars in The O.C. That must’ve been the time I started to be interested in cars I guess. So when I received the invitation to go and discover the new Range Rover Evoque at the Momu (fashion museum in Antwerp) and go shopping (at -20%) afterwards, I didn’t hesitate.

According to the press release, the new Range Rover Evoque is trendy, sexy and urban. I couldn’t agree more. I definitely wouldn’t mind having to park this baby in my garage every night! I adore my current car though, only a bit more trunk space for my shopping bags would’ve been nice..

To promote the new Evoque, Range Rover launced the ‘Pulse of the City’ campaign, where they chose 40 City shapers to show you around in their city. For Belgium Range Rover chose Das Pop frontman Bent Van Looy, designerduo A.F. Vandevorst and lifestyle journalist Valentine Van Gestel. You can find their favorite spots on the website below.

I didn’t buy anything at the shopping part afterwards. I already had the Tiany Kirilove event and an appointment with my thesis promotor that day, so all I really wanted to do is go home and relax. I did make a great brand discovery at Renaissance, I’ll blog about it soon!



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