Primark Winter 2011 Collection

Primark just gained another level in my must-visit retailers list because of the winter lookbook that’s just been released. Keywords for this collection are folk prints, heavy oversized knits, metallics, embellishments, blacks & feminine tailoring.

This winter you can expect the return of the boho-look, cloaked in an opulent, yet modern setting. The long silhouettes consist of several layers with Victorian details, bell-shaped cuts and tailoring, completed with folk motifs, a lot of fur and rich autumn colors.

Black is an ever-classic color that’s found his way yet again to the Primark shelves. The clue here is to mix and match different textures and fabrics such as glossy, woven, knitted, leather or translucent. Combined with one of my favorite a/w trends –metallics– this is the look to go for when you’re hitting the town for a girls’ night out!

Product info (from left to right): 1. Fringe Tassle Cardi €22 (Nov), Lace Top €12 (Sept), Metalic Jeans €21 (Oct), Shoe Boots €21 (Aug), Snake Box Clutch €10 (Oct) 2. Bell Sleeve Cardi, Mohair Cowl Neck Tank, Fairisle Leggings, Shearling Wrap buckle Boots 3. Drop Waist Sequin Dress €25 (Oct), Glitter Platform Shoes €15 (Oct) 4. Polaroid Nep Yarn Tee €8, Loop Yarn Cardi €20, Ecru Skinny Jean €13, Shearling Wrap buckle Boots €24 5. Retro Shirt Dress €21 (Oct) Large Spot Tights €3.50 (Aug) Snake Platform Court €15 (Sept) 6. Sequin Shift Dress €25 (Oct) Glitter Platform €15 (Nov).

One of my favorite looks of this collection is the jewel shoulder jumper combined with the pleated midi skirt. Soft fabrics in bright colors just gain that little bit of modesty when combined with pieces in fading colors. On the other hand you can give an edge to the light, subtle skin tones by adding furs and heavy ornamentation.

1. Jewel Shoulder Jumper €14 (Nov), Pleat Midi Skirt €15 (Aug), Snake Platform Court €15 (Sept) 2. Lace Inset Blouse €13 (Nov), Ribbed Bodycon Skirt €9 (Nov), Snake Platform Court €15 (Sept), Snake Box Clutch €10 (Oct) 3. Gold Foil Jacket €23 (Oct), Metallic Vest €14 (Sept), Metalic Maxi Skirt €15 (Nov), Cone Heel Shoe Boot €21 (Aug) 4.Lurex cable poncho €20 (Nov), Blue Shimmer Skirt €15 (Oct) Contrast Platform Sandal €23 (Oct) 5. Metalic Shift Dress €21 (Oct) Chain Buckle Belt €4 (Oct), Shoe Boots €21 (Aug) 6. Navaho Coat, Ecru Skinny Jeans, Shearling Wrap Buckle Boots.

Thumbs up for Primark, now all we need is more shops in Belgium to actually score these wonderful pieces! Anything you’d like to add to your wardrobe?

Images courtesy of Primark.


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  1. September 20, 2011 / 7:50 pm

    Ziet er weer goed uit, maar meestal hangen deze looks niet in Luik 🙁 Hopelijk komt er ooit 1tje in Antwerpen!

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