Press days Bxl: part I

Two weeks ago my blogging collegues Kim, Hanne, Astrid, Hanne  and me went on a roadtrip through the capital city for the press days. During these press days, various press agencies present the new collections of their brands for the upcoming autumn/winter season. We had 6 destinations, and thanks to excellent planning by yours truly, we managed to check each and every one of them successfully off of our list. Mission accomplished! (Yes, I’m proud). In the following posts I’ll give you a sneak peak on what’s to come and the things I liked. First up was Mindshake.



Little Marcel, a cute brand known for its colorful stripes and polka dots with matching pieces for him, her and the kiddos.


Tim van Steenbergen for Ambiorix. The interesting thing about this collection is that the designer used fish leather.


Lovely covers from Belgian brand Excessory. Because our blogging gear needs some pampering too.


Loved this dress with vintage movie star print by Iko.


Fun headphones from iFrogz and a warm knitted collection by Marie Sixtine.


On the left; Belgium’s best female gamer Charlotte Van Brabander in action for Electronic Arts and on the right; the lovely floral goodiebags from Just and Only. My mom already snatched mine of course..

Next up was…




As soon as I walked through the door, I saw this beautiful collection of Sonia Rykiel. The cold winter months are depressing enough, I always love a collection like this that’s just bursting with color. It helps reminding me summer will come back again. The electric blue snake shoes also immediately caught my eye! Is it love?



Loved how the watch and jewellery from Tiffany’s was presented. It reminded me somehow of a fairytale. I’m curious about the price tags of these babies. They must be worth a lot, since there was a security guard from Tiffany’s present who was watching them at all costs. Expensive jewellery isn’t really my thing. I’d simply worry too much that I’d lose it and that would keep me from wearing it. So I’m like, why bother? I’d rather buy a pair of Louboutins.. or maybe 10. A girl can dream, right?



Another collection with great bright colors is the one from Paule Ka. Love how they’re playing with various colors and fabrics. Mind the details; drapings, belts, bows.. totally my style!
More gorgeous pieces from Paule Ka. I really wanted to take the red dress home with me. Love the blazer too. Purple isn’t really my thing, but the fun detail of the bow (when you close the blazer) makes up for it! Wants!
Bows, bows and more bows! I was feeling like a kid in a candystore while looking at the accessories from Paule Ka. The trend of playing with different colors and textures is present here too.
Good old Louis Vuitton. Need I say more? I really have a thing for clutches lately and there just happened to be 2 pieces laying there, waiting so I could behold them in all their glory..
More lovely Paule Ka garments. I believe this is the collection who’s actually going to be in stores. The other pics are from the styling collection, who will only be used for photoshoots. Really a pity though, I’d definitely would want to get my hands on some of the pieces. Anyway, lots of leather and animal pieces there, so don’t put the clothes you bought last season too far away, cuz you’ll need them. A new touch to last years’ animal trend is the animal dégradé you can see in the picture above. I’ve seen it pop up in a couple of collections.

Moët & Chandon loves Belgium. I do too. Let’s have a toast to that!

We also had the opportunity to have our portraits drawn by Achraf Amiri. I kinda regret I didn’t do it now, because I think Kim’s looks really great!

Thank you Mindshake and Tan-dem!



  1. April 20, 2011 / 8:58 pm

    Heel leuk verslag! Die Paule K stukken zijn echt prachtig!

  2. April 21, 2011 / 8:56 am

    Lang leve uw planningskills hé! En amai dat eene kleedje wordt daar toch wel profesioneel omhoog gehouden ze :p

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