Press days: a little preview of s/s 2011 part 2

After we realised we lost track of time at UPR, we rushed to Making Waves. There, we recharged our batteries from parking stress with the new Zest Music For Life Smoothie (with yogurt, cranberries, blueberries, banana and apple juice). *Yum!*  In the meantime, we also picked up some excellent advice from Wrangler for next season; “If it feels good, do it“. And that’s exactly what we’re planning on doing!

Wrangler has more of those fun prints in store for us, next to lumberjack blouses, denim jackets and dresses, etc. Again, all very ’70s.

Nougat has a very romantic collection, using light fabrics in pastel soft colors and some bright green and red. We also noticed ruches, fun sleeve details, floral prints and lots of knits.

Trussardi is all about the military/safari trend with animal prints, sand tones and khaki. The jeans line benefits from the denim on denim trend and therefore uses a lot of blue shades.

BOO! has a great range of leather and plastic bags. The fun thing about BOO! is that with each bag, you get a pocket mirror key chain with it, of which the back is in leather that matches your bag. You never have to wonder if you forgot to take your pocket mirror with you ever again! The bags also have nice details and the right amount of pockets to organize your belongings.

O! is a Belgian/Turkish brand with very nice golden jewelry. The rings are simply gorgeous.

Salima Thakker

DEPT and DEPT Denim Department‘s collection is full of cheerful prints (especially floral), denim, and light fabrics. The key colors are black & white, blue, red, grey and some khaki. I love that some pieces had a belt as an accessory attached to them to accentuate the waist.
Tara Jarmon is all about smart and comfortable pieces, colored and sexy but never provocative, embellished with details (which I loved) such as embroidery, a bow, a flower; sober cuts, in sweet and silky materials : muslin, cotton and satin.

Nicky Vankets has a wide range of glamorous accessories, which reminded me of Guess. For those who’re looking for matching bags and shoes, Nicky’s your man.
Rabeanco has a wide range of excellent quality leather bags in various shapes and colors. They recently opened a store in Antwerp.

Tons and tons of Coty Prestige fragrances like Marc Jacobs (including the new Daisy and Bang), Chloé (including the new Love), Calvin Klein (including the new Beauty starring Diane Kruger) and Balenciaga (starring Charlotte Gainsbourg). Soon a Bottega Veneta fragrance will be added to that collection.
Great news is that the Calvin Klein makeup line is coming to Belgium in 2012!!
There were also various Lancaster products and celebrity perfumes like Sarah Jessica Parker, Gwen Stefani and Jennifer Lopez.
If you love the Harajuku Lovers characters/perfumes from Gwen Stefani, then this is your last chance. This limited edition is unfortunately the last one of this series. Love and G are floral fruity fragrances, Lil Angel is a floral transparent fragrance, Music is a floral woody fragrance and Baby is a floral Oriental fragrance.
There were walls full of shoes, I felt like I was standing in Carrie Bradshaw’s closet! I especially loved the ones from Via Uno, a Brazilian brand. The collection was very glamorous, no wonder they are often used to appear on tv or in the Miss Belgium Beauty contest.
Next up is Oona.
**Pictures and info thanks to Making Waves**

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