PR days Antwerp: A/W preview part II

Ready to see some more gorgeous handbags, clothes, jewelry and the best new beauty goodies? Part 2 of what to expect for the upcoming season coming up after the jump!


Handbags and shoes by our Belgian celebritydesigner Nicky Vankets.


Lovely andbags by BOO and Rabeanco. The quality of the leather from Rabeanco is just incredible and I also love that they have a range of flasy and fun colors.


Make-up by New York Color and Rimmel. I’d just die to have one of these stands in my bathroom. ‘Hmm, what should I use today?‘ 😉


New range of nail polishes and mascara by Rimmel. I’m particularly curious about the mascara, since it’s actually a two in 1 mascara. One for during the day and by turning it around with a few clicks, you get one for a eveninglook. Pretty neat!


Chloé, Balenciaga, Calvin Klein & Marc Jacobs fragrances.



Pretty classic handbags with washed leather and sequins that give it a modern touch by Clio Goldbrenner. Love!


Fun, edgy and daring as always, those Filles a Papa.


I’m totally in love with the cute earrings from Souvenirs de Pomme. The pearls with bows are just too adorable!



I’ve found my new love. Say hello to this cutie from the PR Style showroom. ♥



I first saw Hello Panda at the Gallery2020 fair and loved it at the spot. Hello Panda is Chinese, cute but not sweet, and offers a broad range of fun goodies from dolls, handbags, mugs to tees. The tees are filled with fun references, from Prada to Kanye West and the crazy doctor that will make anyone smile who comes accross one wearing them.

The following pics are the ones I took during the Scapa + Scapa Sports press presentation about a month earlier. Walter Van Beirendonck was also present since he’s the creative director behind the Scapa Sports men line, and I have to say I was completely starstruck! Seeing the big names of the industry makes me all nervous, and he is one of the Antwerp Six after all! Too bad I didn’t have the chance to talk to him, since he was busy showing his creations to Belgian tv-personality Marcel Vanthilt. Better luck next time!

Scapa has a gorgeous collection with lots of knits, warm wool pieces, leather jackets and draped dresses. Definitely a brand I’d check out when I’m a bit older. The only thing I didn’t like was that they used real fur. Scapa Sports is more focused on my age, but I’m not into the whole polo-scene. Lovely pieces, but a bit too stiff for my style.










Hope you enjoyed the A/W 2011 preview so far! But that’s not all folks,  stay tuned for part III…

Big thanks to Making Waves, Isabelle de Hovre, PR Style and NOW.

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