ONLY and Jack & Jones Airborne Event

Earlier this month I was invited to the ONLY and Jack & Jones Airborne Event in the airport of Deurne, Antwerp. The point of Bestseller was to bring the express-sales to new heights with an highly exceptional salesevent. An Airborne airplane went to Turkey to pick up the newly produced collections of ONLY and Jack & Jones and then tour around Europe to present them to press and wholesale buyers. The Airborne plane hit the airstrips of 12 destinations in 5 days. To assist the buyers in their choices, the designers travel with the collection to the various cities and present their vision on the latest trends.


ONLY presented us with a seventies denim vibe and a Tokyo surf collection. The first has a bohemian vibe with it’s floral print tops, brodery anglaise, denim pieces, ruches and hippie prints. The second is all about sportswear in flashy colors, tropical beach silhouettes and oriental manga prints.



The designers of the Jack & Jones collection came up with a story about a soldier who came back home from his duty in the army and pick up his favorite hobby; surfing. The collection has some fun t-shirts with prints based on some of the best movies of all times, like Jaws and Top Gun.

The collections will be available in stores as of May.

Pictures courtesy of StyleLab, Meli and Bestseller.

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