Behold my new favorite nail polish; the OPI Magic from the Designer Series. Why is it my new favorite? Well, 1) because it’s an awesome color. It’s a dark blue with blue and purple glitters. (And boy, do I just loooove glitters!) Like we’re used to from OPI, the name fits the polish perfectly. The combination of blue and purple glitters really has something magical to it.

Second, it was quite a hustle to get my hands on it. You see, I’ve been trying to get my hands on a designer polish since I saw some of the Designer Series polishes online in August (!), when I was preparing for my visit at the OPI Nail Bar in London. The nail bar turned out to be a really small corner in Selfridges, and with no special OPI editions or whatsoever, which was kind of disappointing.

Also in Belgium, my search for the designer series seemed a hopeless quest until I discovered the holy OPI treasure chamber of Instant Spa in Antwerp in December. I thought I had arrived in OPI heaven. They have every OPI series that’s out there so I was standing there for half an hour or so, with no clue which polish to choose. Until I saw a nail wheel at the register with all the colours of the designer series, among them ‘Magic’. It was instant love (at Instant Spa). But I guess fate tried to taunt me, because my new must-have love was sold out. But that wasn’t going to stop me! When I have set my eyes on something, it’s somewhat impossible to get my mind off of it. So I had the salesman call around the other shops to see if they could transfer one to the Body Centrum in Roeselare. After 2 weeks of cat and mouse games (BC didn’t know about the transfer, you know how those things go *sigh*) I finally held my new beloved nail polish in my hands! It’s more expensive than the normal ones, it was about 17 – 18€, but it was definitely worth it!

OPI Designer Series – Magic available at Instant Spa.


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