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Two weeks ago I took Afrodite on a stroll with me through Antwerp on a crazy press day on which we had to 4 stops. The press lunch for the launch of the new make-up brand New York Color (NYC) was one of them. They sure know how to do a launch with a bang! The whole event was New York-themed and I seriously thought we missed a junction and wound up in the Big Apple. It was incredible!

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First we had to drive to an underground parking lot where we would be awaited by a personal driver who would take us to restaurant “De Burgerij” in a flashy yellow cab!

hm nyc sm ri bm 048
hm nyc sm ri bm 043hm nyc sm ri bm 052Upon arrival at “De Burgerij” we noticed the restaurant was beautifully decorated with NYC banners and New York street signs. The rough edge of the restaurant itself gave me the feeling I had arrived in a restaurant in Brooklyn, NY. Unfortunately we had just missed the presentation and make-up demonstration by the Belgian NYC ambassador Sabine Peeters. We really were running all over the place to get everywhere in time, but we still didn’t make it. It was immediately clear to me how a lot of press, bloggers and celebrities must feel during fashion week when they have to attend fashion shows all over town. It’s crazy!

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The food was typical American. Not that I’ve ever been in America (but I want to so desperately!!). So let’s just say it looked typical American, the same big size and everything. We couldn’t even finish the whole thing. If there are any Americans reading this post, please let me in on your secret on how to eat this thing properly? My mouth ain’t that big. Thx! I picked the smokey bacon burger. It was so tasty I’m still mouthwatering when looking at the picture.

hm nyc sm ri bm 061
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About NYC

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NYC New York Color is a brand that originated in 1999 in ra-ra-ra; New York! The packaging and colors resemble the neverending flow of energy of the city that never sleeps. NYC is a brand meant for every woman, no matter what skintone or age. Thanks to the bright colors, it perfectly fits the liveliness of this vibrant city that is ever changing, and looking for the next big thing. NYC offers a wide range of products to fit that every need, no matter what you’re doing or where you are.

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Overseas the brand has grown out to be the favorite budgetproof brand for ages from 16 to 59. And since I’m already talking budget, it’s time to let you in on a little ‘secret’. Nothing, and I really mean nothing, costs over €4,99! The cheapest product costs €1,99. This way you don’t have to limit yourself in buying only one shade of nail polish. You can buy lots of different colors to experiment at your hearts content, without feeling guilty about spending too much afterwards. Now that is what I call a good deal!

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All year round there will be different collections available that will be based on what’s happening on the catwalk. This shows NYC is not only budget-friendly, but also right on the trends. For creating these new collections, NYC collaborates with backstage make-up artist Mathew Nigara, who has done a lot of work for big fashion designers (BCBG, Marc Jacobs, Badgley Mischka…), top models (Eva Herzigova, Alek Wek…) and celebrities (Jessica Simpson, Kate Winslet…).


For Belgium, New York Color will be exclusively available at Kruidvat as of mid April.

I suggest you’d go and visit your nearest Kruidvat store and just have fun experimenting with the products. If you still have doubts because it’s so incredibly cheap, tune in later because I will be reviewing a lot of these products!




  1. April 16, 2011 / 11:29 am

    yep burgers are typical NYC, every major hot and trendy restaurant has an epic burger. so if you go to NYC, try the blue cheese burger at the spotted pig. the burger you ate, looks like a fabulous burger for your cardio system, i think your heart was very happy that day. the make up looks very divers, so many different colors

  2. April 26, 2011 / 3:57 am

    I live in NYC and [for the most part] the burgers are pretty big. I rarely finish them because they usually come with fries – which fill me up. I usually cut the burger in half with a knife before eating, that way it is MUCH easier to manage!

    Oh.. and NYC brand eyeliner was the ONLY eyeliner I used for about 10 years. For such an affordable brand I think the quality is pretty good!

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