Into the Wild

Because it’s the first trend post of the season, I threw in a cute cat picture. And no, the trend is not pets wearing jewelry. It’s exactly the opposite. Take a look!

Animal inspired items are HOT. Not only clothes and bags, but also animal jewelry is very ‘it’ during this and upcoming season. Take a look at the following animals you won’t be able to escape.. (Double click on the pic to get a bigger image)

Insects and spiders

 I’m not such a fan of this creepy bug/spider trend, but a butterfly, dragonfly or ladybug always look cute.

Snakes and dragons

Animal parts

Whether it’s claws, teeth or feathers, anything goes.


While Miu Miu made the swallows a must-have in your wardrobe, one of the hottest accessory birds this season definitely is the owl.

Big cats

We’ve already seen a lot of leopard prints this season, but now it’s time to fully bring out the big cats. Raaaawwrr!

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