Givenchy Spring 2016: La Révélation Originelle


Givenchy brings in a breath of fresh air with the mini La Revelation Originelle collection for Spring 2016. With its predominant position of pink and a slight hint of blue, it seems pretty clear to me Nicholas Degennes (Givenchy beauty’s creative director) has had a good look at Pantone’s 2016 Trend Report, and mainly at Rose Quartz and Serenity, voted Colour of the Year 2016.


Star product of the collection is the Givenchy Soft Powder Radiance Enhancer /Poudre Lumière Originellea soft enhancing pink powder with the most beautiful embroidered design. I feel guilty every time I dab my powder brush in there, but it would be even worse to let a beautiful powder go to waste. Although the powder is pink toned, it’s suitable for various skin tones because there is very little colour pay-off. If you like the effect of an universal (= white) face powder, you’ll for sure get along with this one as well.

I would describe the effect of the powder as something in between a mattifying Poudre Première and the Hourglass Lighting Powders. It mattifies without sucking the dimension out of the face, which I think a lot of mattifying powders do when you apply them all over the face. Instead, it gives it a subtle illuminated glow. Since the effect is impossible to capture on camera, I think it’s a little too subtle for touch-ups on the cheekbones, but for an overall luminous touch to the face this is just perfect.


The second product is one I’ve been loving for the past month and I’ve been carrying it with me everywhere which resulted in me not finding it anywhere. The thought of possibly having lost it is driving me mad. I’m talking about the Givenchy Mister Gentlebalm, a moisturizing lip colour enhancing balm that feels comfy on the lips while giving it a nice wash of pink that you can build up. The pigment really sticks to the lips, so make sure you give them a proper scrub so they look nice and juicy before you apply the balm. Once I have built the colour I want, I’ll add some clear lip balm on top throughout the day.


It’s hard for me to pick a favourite as I have used and loved them both a lot during the past month. If I had to pick though I would choose the powder since I feel the effect is more unique to that of the colour enhancing lip balm.

Givenchy Soft Powder Radiance Enhancer – € 58
Givenchy Mister Gentlebalm – € 30

Available at Ici Paris XL.

What do you think of Givenchy’s Spring 2016 collection?

Disclaimer: The products in this post are PR samples sent for consideration.

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