Fukumitsuya Suppin Lotion

A beauty product made by a sake brewery? I guess in Japan anything is possible! Fukumitsuya Sake Brewery has been making high-quality sake in Kanazawa since 1625 using natural mineral water, superior sake rice and traditional brewing skills. After learning about the preserving qualities of rice, they created an entire skin care line using pure sake rice as the key ingredient.

Today I’m reviewing the Fukumitsuya Pure Rice Sake Suppin Lotion that I picked up during my trip to Kanazawa. I hadn’t heard about this product before, I can’t read what’s on the bottle and there’s little to no info available online in English, so bear with me. This is supposed to only contain mineral water and pure rice sake of 13°. So yeah, it does actually look and smell a lot like sake. Like a lot.

Products that are labeled as ‘lotions’ in Japan usually are actually what we consider to be toners. This means you use them after cleansing and before your actives like essences or serums. The Fukumitsuya Pure Rice Sake Suppin Lotion is actually marketed as an all-purpose product.

  • As a lotion: put some in your hand palm or cotton and gently wipe your face. The more you use it, the more comfortable it feels on the skin. Because of the alcohol content, I recommend to stay clear of the eye area.
  • As a body lotion: can be used all over the body, especially on rough areas that need softening, like knees and elbows. Can also be used for a body massage for nails, hands, scalp and heels.
  • As a pack: use plenty of cotton and make your own sheet mask or mix with moroccan natural Ghassoul clay to make a clay mask
  • As a face wash: pour lukewarm water in a washbasin and add appropriate amount to wash your face. The water will become smooth and moisturizing
  • As a bathing agent: put it in the bath water to enjoy a sake bath

Although this lotion offers many options, I used it as a night-time toner 100% of the time since I don’t want to be going to work etc smelling like I had been drinking from 7 AM in the morning. The texture felt like water and was non-sticky. Sake actually has many benefits such as evening out the complexion and brighter and tighter skin. However. Even though this product seems to have good ratings in Japan, I just couldn’t get used to the strong presence of alcohol and therefore will be looking elsewhere to enjoy the benefits of fermented rice.

Fukumitsuya Suppin Lotion (200ml) – 550 yen

Disclaimer: Product was purchased.


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