Francis Ferent Bloggers Night

Last Thursday, the Belgian blogosphere was gathered in Brussels to discover the spring/summer designer collections, hosted by Francis Ferent. It was the biggest group of bloggers I’ve ever seen (all together) in my life! I had no idea there were so many in Belgium. This is probably because 95% of them were french and I don’t really follow a lot of french blogs. Afrodite (The Fashion Folio), Kim (Brunette Blogging) and Hanne (Imelda) were the only dutch bloggers there. Talk about being outnumbered! Luckily there was little time to focus on the language barrier, since there was so much to discover!

Let me tell you the store is huge! There were temptations lurking in every corner that made my knees tremble from excitement. Jimmy Choo, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Prada, YSL,Vanessa Bruno Athé and Stella McCartney are just some of the many brands that made my heart skip a beat. This  was truly a devine experience for me because I was able to look, touch and wear all of my favorite designers to my heart’s content without some pushy saleslady breathing in my neck to see if I wasn’t stealing anything. I usually avoid those stores who have “scarecrows” as employees that follow your every move until you’re out of the store. You can simply see the looks on their faces; thinking you’re not worthy, too poor or whatever.. They’re just so rude!

The salespeople of FF were nothing like that. They were very friendly and helpful. We could try on anything we wanted, in fact; they almost insisted that we did. Of course I know they were on their best behaviour because this was a press event, but still they made me feel like home, as if I was going through my own walk-in closet. And that my friends, was a pretty nice feeling. I dream of having a walk-in closet like that someday, and when I get my first paycheck after graduation, I’ll take my first step to reach that goal. And I’ll be damned if I go and buy that first special piece at one of those scarecrow-stores!


The Francis Ferent store

I felt like a kid in a candy store. Francis Ferent is a true mekka for every fashionista. You can easily spend hours trying on different outfits and create endless style combinations with their huge range of designer clothes, accessories, shoes and jewelry. Be careful to not get too carried away though, or you might get a call from your bank for “suspiciously large transactions”. Don’t say I didn’t warn you! 😉


The Fashion Show

After a quick tour around the shop and a brief introduction of the store by the store manager, we enjoyed a fashion show featuring 3 models while the store’s buyer was giving a little explanation about the choice of outfits.

The Styling Session

After the fashion show, it was our turn to restyle ourselves or others using the designer clothes of the new s/s season. Out of us 4, Afrodite was the only one who found a proper outfit. Doesn’t she look lovely?

Picture by Kim (Brunette Blogging).

While I was taking Afrodite’s picture, Hanne and Kim were supervising the whole thing. 😀

Thanks to Francis Ferent and Bureau Löffler for the lovely evening. I really hope there will be a 2nd edition, because then I will definitely be prepared to do some serious restyling!

(High quality) pictures courtesy of Eventattitude / F. Debatty. Others were taken by me with my shitty camera :,-)

Francis Ferent
Avenue Louise 60, 1050 Brussels



  1. March 16, 2011 / 12:38 am

    Haha, zie de post nu pas! Thanks for the link and the picture :p and the compliment of course ^^

  2. March 16, 2011 / 1:11 am

    Hey! Leuke post :).
    Ik was er ook en wou zeggen dat ik ook nederlands spreek. LOL
    Blog in engels & frans maar tweetalig.

    See you,

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