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Apart from a closet and a couple of racks for my clothes, I also have one for my huge stash of women’s magazines. “Hi, I’m Sté and I’m a magazine addict.” (Do they have meetings for this?) I can’t pass a news stand or a bookstore without checking out if they have some new fashion magazines. And this obsession has been ‘current’ for a while now.

It all started out almost a decade ago when I was still reading magazines for young teens like Fancy (Dutch girls magazine) and Joepie (Belgian teen gossip and celebrity magazine). *blush* I know. My mom came home from work with 2 older editions of Dutch Cosmopolitan and a Belgian Glam*it. I was hooked immediately. Not long after I started to buy them myself without missing a single edition. And I started to pick up other magazines as well. The result is as you can see, a huge pile of magazines because I cannot bear to throw them away. Well, some I store, others I use for my moodboards like Elle and Marie Claire.
It’s undeniable that these babies have cost me a lot of money over the years, money that I could’ve spent on clothes, bags or shoes. But I seriously can’t help it. Even in this modern day, where you can find everything on the internet thanks to dozens of magazine websites, brand websites, online stores and yes, also blogs, I still find myself loving the feeling of holding a glossy in my hand and being able to turn the page.
Double editions I will use to cut out, Elle BE, Elle NL, Marie Claire BE, Jackie NL, L’ Officiel BE, L’ Officiel NL, Vogue US, Elle US, Harper’s Bazaar US, some Japanese magazines I brought in Tokyo or that I got from my Japanese friends (NoNo, Vivi, CanCan, Pinky, Ray, JJ)
I love Japanese magazines, they’re so filled with fashion in all kinds of styles it’s hard to know where to look first. I’m always glad when my friends bring or send some. When I went to Tokyo, I even had to send a box of them home because they couldn’t fit in my luggage anymore! I always buy fashion magazines no matter where I go, it’s fun to see if there are any cultural differences in fashion across the globe. And well, Japanese fashion is just awesome! I’ll try to scan some images for you in the future.
Elle UK, Glam*it BE
Elle UK had me drooling over Topshop, River Island, Primark etc for years. So I’m glad at least two of them have found their way to Belgium. Aah Glam*it, you always make me want everything you show me. I even drove one hour to Knokke, only to get my hands on those gorgeous black Ash gladiator sandals in the shoot of your March edition..
I’ve bought every single edition of Dutch Glamour since they first started out and I’m pleased to say they’ll be celebrating their 5th birthday this October. Congrats, Glamour!
CosmoGirl NL, Celebrity NL (discontinued), Elle Girl NL (discontinued).
Even though it’s better for my wallet, it’s always sad to see some magazines that you loved reading quit. R.I.P.
Cosmopolitan NL, Cosmopolitan USA, Starstyle NL (discontinued)
Cosmopolitan and Choice I picked up during my trip to China 3 years ago.
Guess what I’m going to do first when I’m arriving in London on Wednesday. That’s right, stack up on the fashion mags. Especially because the September edition  – the most important edition of the year –  of each magazine is out, and then I feel like I ‘must‘ buy foreign editions as well. So if you see a girl raiding the news stands in London on Wednesday, remember, she just can’t help it.


  1. December 8, 2010 / 5:15 pm

    Hey, i think you visited my website so here i am!.I am looking for ways to add things to my blog!Is it ok if i use some of the things i saw here?!

  2. Sté
    December 12, 2010 / 4:56 pm

    Hey, as long as you link to my blog when you use my images/text, then that’s fine!
    And make sure to leave a link to your page here as well (the one you used doesn’t seem to work). 😉

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