Cool as Ice

These cool watches need no introduction. The Belgian brand Ice-watch is known from Hollywood, CA to Tokyo, Japan and beyond. Now what is so special about these watches that even Paris Hilton grabbed a lot of them at a celebrity gift event? Well, they come in a lot of colors. And when I say a lot, a really mean A LOT! And they’re affordable too! No wonder their slogan is: ‘Change. You can.’

The fun  and playful design allows  the watches to captivate the hearts of children as well as adults. Ice-Watch is also loved by celebrities. The watches are spotted on Amanda Righetti (The Mentalist), Paris Hilton, Audrina Patridge (The Hills, David Guetta (DJ), Ashley Jones (True Blood) and the Jersey Shore girls.
There are now 11 different collections (Sili Summer, Sili Forever, Classic Solid, Classic Pastel, Neon,  Ice-Love, XXL, Stone Sili, Stone PC, Chrono and Ice-World) available and new ones come out twice a year. The watches are available in selected stores all over the world from €49.

Sili Summer:
 Images courtesy of Ice-Watch.
Discover the collections and the stores that are selling them on the Ice-Watch website.

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