Clothing made from…milk?

Clothing made from milk, it really exists! German microbiologist Anke Domaske started her own clothing line Mademoiselle Chi Chi (MCC) with clothes based out of milk back in 2003. A new ecological way to make clothing was born. Since then she was able to gather fans both in Germany and internationally, including some celebrities like Mischa Barton and Ashlee Simpson.

“Milk is an undervalued product because people only think of it as nourishment,” the designer explains to Deutsche Welle. “Milk is an alternative for cotton. It doesn’t need to be treated with pesticides and chemicals and the production of milk yarn only takes about an hour. Milk clothes have a silky feel, but unlike silk easy to maintain. You can just wash the clothes.”

Currently the label is doing so well that Anke has plans to create a menswear collection. Prices for a MCC piece vary from €150 – €200.

Video courtesy of Deutsche Welle.


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