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Pantene has always been one of my go-to budget hair care brands. Recently they’ve completely redesigned their hair care range by creating new formulas that focus on fulfilling the needs of the hair structure. The range is now divided into 3 collections: ‘Normal – Thick Hair’, ‘Fine Hair’ and ‘Coloured Hair’. Each collection includes cleansing (step 1), moisture (step 2), treatment (step 3) and protection (step 4).

  • If you have ‘Normal-Thick’ hair (blue code) you can choose between ‘Smooth & Sleek’, ‘Repair & Protect’ and ‘Defined Curls’.
  • If you have ‘Fine’ hair (yellow code) you can choose between ‘Sheer Volume’, ‘Aqua Light’ and ‘Ice Shine’.
  • And finally, those with ‘Coloured’ hair (red code) can choose between ‘Protect & Volume’ or ‘Protect & Smooth’
I received a test-kit featuring the ‘Repair & Protect‘ range for Normal-Thick hair, containing a shampoo, conditioner, masque and spray. And well, they didn’t disappoint. The Repair & Protect Shampoo still has the typical Pantene fragrance and foams easily so that you don’t need much of the product (double save!). It smoothens and cleanses well, but that also causes it to feel kind of rough. That is where the Repair and Protect Conditioner comes in. After this step my hair feels soft, smells nice and has a healthy shine.
To keep my hair nourished I use the 2 Minutes Deep Repair Masque every once and a while. This works perfectly well to prevent the tips from splitting or breaking off and it also protects the hair from bad influences like pollution. The packaging really improved imo since you now have to squeeze the bottle and press with your tumb below the cap to open it. Really handy for those wet hand slippery moments. Keep it in your hair for 2 minutes and you’re ready to go.
To conclude we use the Heat Defense Gloss Spray, designed to protect the hair from heat coming from blow dryers or styling irons or curlers. Those instruments can make the hair really dry, which can cause split ends if you use it a lot. To use a protection product is therefore advised. The spray has a special protect switch to prevent it from accidentally spraying. The diffusion of the spray could be a bit better though, since it squirts in a straight beam, causing sticky stains on my hair instead of gently diffusing the product onto the hair. The product itself does a pretty good job though. My hair is less dry than usual and the spray enhances the shine even more.

Repair & Protect Shampoo 250 ml €3,89 — Repair & Protect Conditioner 200 ml € 3,89  
2 Minutes Deep Repair Masque 200 ml € 7,59 — Heat Defense Gloss Spray 150 ml € 7,59
Pantene is available at supermarkets and drug stores. 



  1. March 28, 2012 / 9:28 am

    ik weet niet wat het is, maar pantene is geen vriend van mijn haar, hoewel ik er al veel goede reviews van gelezen heb.

  2. March 28, 2012 / 4:08 pm

    I’m curious about the heat protector, Im currently on the hunt for a new one 🙂

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