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This post features a selection of my favorite products that I used last month.


No bath products this time, since I still have to finish my Lush Snow Fairy before it turns bad. Sometimes I want to keep my favorite products around for so long that I actually forget they expire. Woops :’) And I’m currently testing some products of which you’ll see more on the blog soon (Philosophy, Qiriness, L’ Occitane, … ).

Demak Up Cleansing Milk & Duo+ cotton pads
When I said the Demak Up products would get a permanent spot in my beauty stash, I really meant it! I would’ve preferred to put the entire range here but that would’ve been too much. Instead I picked my favorite cleanser for the drier skin and the cotton pads with the honeycomb structure, which I really find amazing! You can read my full report here.

200ml – cleansing milk € 4,59      available at drug stores & supermarkets
70 pads – Duo+ cotton pads € 1,95 

Dove Beauty Finish Minerals Deodorant
A lovely scented deodorant that keeps you fresh for a long time. It also has some moisturizing qualities.

€ 3,50 – available at drug stores and supermarkets

Philosophy Pure Grace Eau de Toilette
Pure Grace contains the scent of soap water. I haven’t come accross anyting like it before. It’s perfect for springtime because it’s so sutble and yet fresh. It’s of my favorite perfumes at the moment. <3

€ 40,50 – exclusively available at Ici Paris XL

Gemey Maybelline Express Nail Polish Remover
A gentle nail polish remover that works fast without damaging your nails. The only downside is that you have to use it with cotton pads, which I hate because there’s always some parts that stick to your nails. I’m going to check out the one from Sephora when I go to visit Lille again.

€ 2,80 – available at drug stores and supermarkets

Lush Bubblegum Lipscrub
Because my lips are pretty dry atm, this lip scrub plays a big part in my daily beauty ritual. Snow Fairy lovers are going to love this product, since it has the same scent and bubblegum pink color as the infamous shower gel. The prices is quite high, but you don’t really need much of it at once (about half a pea will do), so it’ll last a while.

25gr – € 8,95     exclusively available at Lush (online) stores

Couvent de Minimes Smile Lip Balm with Mint Aroma
After the lipscrub it’s important to hydrate them otherwise you’ll be stuck with dry lips in no time. I’m all out of Rituals lip balms and I really wanted to try something new. I found my new lip hydrate partner in crime in this ‘Smile Lip Balm’. The recipe contains marshmallow extract, shea butter, apricot seed oil and mint, respectively making the lips softer, nourished, protected and covered with a nice aroma. My lips are shiny, but more a wet-look than an actual greasy lipgloss look. They’re definitely nourished and the mint gives them a nice ‘n tingly fresh feel.

15ml – € 7,50 exclusively available at Ici Paris XL


Rimmel Lycra PRO nail polish in °500 Peppermint and 60 Seconds nail polish °405 Rose Libertine
Rimmel has one of the best polishes on the market (they stay put for days) + they have amazing shades too! Peppermint and rose libertine are 2 of my favorite colors. As soon as I get my hands on some nail wheels, I’ll do a post on my nail polish collection.

both € 6,99     available at Kruidvat

Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick Compact in Pink Quartz

My favorite highlighter of the moment is this rose shimmer brick by Bobbi Brown. The shimmers make your face have a nice glow and it works well with other pink and neutral blush shades.

10.3g – € 35   available at Bobbi Brown Brussels and Smets

Clinique Chubby Sticks in 06 Whoppin Watermelon and 05 Chunky Cherry
My first chubby stick was whoppin watermelon and I loved it so much I immediately bought another one the day after. They keep your lips nicely moisturized without greasiness and they come in such beautiful shades. I keep one in my purse at all times.

€ 17   available at the perfumery

Givenchy Phenomen’ Eyes Paillettes Mascara in Black Sparkle
A black mascara with sparkles! I just had to have it! I mainly use this for touch-ups after I’ve used another mascara because it takes too long to do my lashes with the short tip of the Givenchy mascara’s. It is however perfect to use in the corners of your eyes. The sparkles are really subtle and stay put well. Too bad I failed to catch the effect on camera though.

€ 29   was exlusively available at Ici Paris XL (limited edition)


MAC Brush Cleanser
Not only do you need to take good care of your own hair, but the hair on your brushes needs good care too! It’s extremely important to cleanse your brushes regularly to prevent nasty bacteria from nesting in them. Ew. I use this one by – who else – MAC! Pour some liquid onto your dirty brush, cleanse for a minute using your fingers, rinse well, let the brush dry and  donzo!

235ml – €10   available at MAC stores & counters

Some of the products featured in this post were offered 
to me by a brand / PR company.
This has no impact on the honesty of this review.


  1. March 23, 2012 / 11:21 pm

    Love your favorites.It’s great to see a fashionblogger who’s also into beauty!

  2. March 24, 2012 / 12:31 am

    Love the look of the Chubby sticks! Some really nice products!

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