Antwerp Fashion Weekend

Even though Antwerp is one of the leading fashion cities of the world, we still don’t have our own Fashion Week. Which really is too bad in my opinion. Why send all the talent across the borders and overseas when you can host an event here and make the fashion industry see how great Antwerp is?!  Antwerp Fashion Agents vzw is working hard to change all that. For the first time, they’re organizing an Antwerp Fashion Weekend, which is a good start. This way, they try to strenghten Antwerp’s position on the map as an international fashion city. The event will focus on both B2B and B2C.

During this Fashion Weekend, the AFA together with the leading fashionstores will organize a Fashion Walk, a trail trough the most fashionable parts of Antwerp. During those days the shops will put the spotlights on one of their leading collections. The Fashion Walk is more than just a discovery of Antwerp as a fashion city, it’s a social event where the visitor gets to know new stores, new brands and new trends. He can be inspired by fashion and by Antwerp.
The Fashion Walk will take place from Thursday 26th of August until Monday 30th of August. The participating stores will be open until 20h00 on Monday 30th for late-night-shopping.
Apart from the Fashion Walk which is open to public, showrooms will also be open for professionals on Sunday 29th of August and on Monday 30th of August.
Other activities, like openingscocktails of a few new pilotstores (Les Hommes, Princess Renaissance, Crea Concept and Les Petites) are also part of the Fashion Weekend.
For more info, visit the AFA website: Antwerp Fashion Agents

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