AIFW: Roparosa

Last Sunday, Project Catwalk 2010 winner Roos van der Kamp showed her third Roparosa collection ‘Come out and play’. Being able to show her collection at AIFW was one of the prizes of the competition. Roos searched for inspiration in forms and materials that are used in functional sportswear and she aims for comfortable power dressing: playful, independent and feminine. The SS11 collection is a sequel of earlier collections ‘Catch as Catch Can part I and II.

Pics courtesy of Jeroen Snijders.

Even though I like what I see, I feel like there’s nothing really new to this collection. She did the broad shoulders already during Project Catwalk. But still, I think Roos is a very promising designer and I look forward to what she has in store for us in the future.

Visit the Roparosa website here.


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