AIFW: Individuals by AMFI

This year, the INDIVIDUALS show of the Amsterdam International Fashion Institute (AMFI) was named ‘Some dream of running away to the circus’. Individuals is an ever changing collective of young creative designers. By combining talent every time an inspiring story is told. Every generation adds it’s own unique chapter to the continuing story of Individuals.

The show opened with dip-dye designs in purple and champagne. With this, the students wanted to refer to a trapeze that floats in the air. They tried to express this through their designs by making a mix of close-fitting and loose shapes. Also the make up was completely matched with the circus theme.

Pics courtesy of Jeroen Snijders.
When I think of a collection that’s inspired by the circus, the first thing that comes to mind is: will it be wearable? But for this collection, I can say it is. Lots of wide pants combined with tight blazers (I’m loving these looks the most), some dresses, skirts and great accessories. I love the finger gloves, I’ve got to get my hands on those! I’d prefer them in black though.
Individuals is sold in the Netherlands and is now focusing on expanding abroad (United States, France, Japan and Denmark). In September an Individuals pop-up store will be opened in London.

Visit the website here.


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