AIFW: Dagmar

Last week Swedish label Dagmar showed for the first time during Amsterdam Fashion Week. Dagmar’ clothes usually are inspired by the Art Deco period of the twenties/thirties. Moving images, architecture, art, music and dance often are an inspiration for the collections too. For this collection, named ‘Goddess of the favela’, the sisters got their inspiration from rawness of the Brazilian slums in Rio de Janeiro contrasted with the beauty of nature.

The collection has prints based on birds. This refers to the beginning of a new era and the search for a better lifestyle. Sports shorts, handmade knits, a pantsuit, trenchcoat, chiffon maxi dresses, blouses, pants and skirts in colors from gold to black to pink and marineblue were all part of the collection.
Pics courtesy of Jeroen Snijders.
The minute I saw it, I fell madly in love with the pink chiffon dress in the last picture! The mix of the fabric, colour and shape stands for ultimate femininity, that makes you really feel like a goddess. I love the marineblue maxi dress in the picture above it and the white blazer (pic 3) as well. Dagmar is definitely a brand to keep an eye on!
House of Dagmar was founded in 2005 by three Swedish sisters: Kristina (head designer), Karin (brand manager) and Sofia (head sales). They all had their experience in fashion and decided to start a young, high end fashion brand. For more information visit their website. You’ll be able to buy this collection next year via Orangebag. You can also buy the brand in Belgium at Maaike kleedt in Ghent and Sien in Antwerp.


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